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Read the recommended insomnia books at bookstore. Highly recommended books are included in the list. Start now to find the best solutions for your sleep problems. A book can also be the perfect gift. Not only for you but for your loved ones to read. Learn about the sleep needed and how to eliminate bad habits that conflict with a healthy sleep. How to get a profound and restful sleep without pharmaceuticals. Resist major diseases. Lose weight. Think more clearly. Look younger and improve your relationships and sex life.

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I Can Make You Sleep: Overcome Insomnia Forever and Get the Best Rest of Your Life!

Paul McKenna reveals the secrets of getting regular, deep, refreshing sleep and banishing insomnia for good. McKenna understands the frustration of not getting a good night’s rest. His trademarked system which consists of the book and CD working in harmony to reset your body’s natural sleep mechanism is the solution every insomniac has been waiting for. Whether you find it difficult to fall sleep, frequently wake during the night, or get up too early, his method both increases the amount of sleep you enjoy and, crucially, improves its quality.

Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night

Some of the immediate and long-term benefits you’ll gain include: Ability to fall asleep more quickly. Fewer awakenings at night. Greater ease returning to sleep if awakened. More solid hours of sleep each night. Less daytime sleepiness and fatigue. You’ll also enhance mental and physical health, greater powers of concentration, and a more stable mood. All of which arise from increasing the quality of your sleep. No other book provides you with as much insight and instruction on how to take control of your sleep problems. Conquer your insomnia and gain the quality sleep you might have once thought unimaginable.

Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health

By calculating the amount of sleep needed and eliminating habits that conflict with a healthy sleep regimen and disrupt natural circadian rhythms, most people can achieve full, deep and restful sleep without pharmaceuticals. Resist major diseases. Lose weight. Think more clearly. Look younger and improve their relationships and sex life. Breus offers a 28-night program in which readers go through “sleep boot camp,” including A sleep diary. Bedroom makeover. Diet overhaul. Exercise and relaxation techniques. By taking quizzes and examining lifestyles, readers will pinpoint evident and not-so-obvious causes for insomnia. He discusses the pros and cons of taking medication, as well as the dangers of taking melatonin.


The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need

Forget expensive mattresses, fancy foam pillows, and white noise machines. There’s no better treatment for insomnia than cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Research has shown that CBT works even better than powerful sleep medications. In this workbook, it’s easier than ever to put these strategies to work to help you ward off insomnia and finally get to sleep.
The Insomnia Workbook is designed to simulate the experience of seeing a professional CBT sleep specialist. You’ll assess your sleep habits with questionnaires and evaluate how your sleep problem affects your life. You’ll learn a variety of proven techniques sleep experts recommend to their clients. This book includes all of the tools you need to understand your insomnia better. Create an effective plan for getting the sleep you need.

With this complete programs, you’ll stop the thoughts that keep you awake at night.
Train yourself to sleep using stimulus control, sleep restriction, and deep relaxation skills.
Identify foods and lifestyle factors that may be making things worse.
Keep a personal sleep log to track your progress.

Waking Up at Night
. Part of the award-winning public television series Healthy Body/Healthy Mind.
Directed by Information Television Network.
Runtime: 27 minutes. Release the year 2009. No time limits. Play online and download to 2 locations.

Tired of Not Sleeping Well?: A self-help guide to better health and a deep, refreshing sleep.
. Some individuals are unable to relax totally. In a fast paced lifestyle we hurry through life with increasing stress. We have an inherent need to survive and live comfortably. However, many of us have lost the ability to slow down, rest efficiently and renew the body, mind, and soul. May this book be your guide to relaxing and sleep. Learn about general facts about insomnia. What happens when you sleep. Problems and helpful tips. Restoring the physical body after work. Simple relaxation. Breathing Techniques and autogenic training.

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