Intellectual Wellness

This is one of the seven dimensions that make up a person. No one is perfectly mentally-well and enhancing your intellectual capability needs time and persistence.

7 Dimensions of Wellness

First Dimension
Physical Wellness
Second Dimension
Emotional Wellness
Third Dimension
Intellectual Wellness
Fourth Dimension
Fifth Dimension
Six Dimension
Seventh Dimension

People have different reactions if put to a mental challenge. Some may find it easy to resolve the challenge while others find it difficult. This happens because people do not have similar state of mind.

However, people who are genetically-challenged and those who have normal mental ability may both improve the performance of their brain that would help them maximize their potentials and be able to enjoy life.

Steps to Achieve or Maintain Intellectual Wellness

  • Read. There are good books, newspaper articles, essays from the internet that can be read by anyone. Through reading, your comprehension skill is challenged and it widens vocabulary that would equip you with the new development around.
  • Listen to good music and radio program. It is found therapeutic to listen to positive music because it calms the emotions and decreases the risk of stress.
  • Watch positive TV programs and videos. Choose informative videos and not the ones that corrupt the mind or infuse negative ideas. This way, you will absorb positive energy that enhances the ability to think.
  • Be creative. When there is an activity to do, challenge yourself to make something new and different, not the one you are accustomed to, to see how far your mental ability can go.
  • Desire to continue learning. Always challenge yourself to learn something new to keep your brain active and be curious to what is unknown to you.
  • Attend seminars or workshops. This will help you gain new ideas that are seldom included in the books you buy. You will also improve your social wellness by meeting people and gaining new friends.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. Proper nutrition is significant for the brain to function well and avoid mental stresses that may cause additional health problems.

Nowadays, there are vitamins that are being sold that claim to enhance the memory. It will only work if you also perform the steps mentioned above. It will only help you store the information longer, may it be little or big.

Aside from the steps that can be taken, it should be noted too that there are factors that can help us achieve a healthier state of mind. Self-appreciation, affiliation, resilience, exercise, leisure, curiosity, and negotiation pump up intellectual wellness. Self-appreciation is recognizing ones strengths that boost the confidence. If you have self-worth, it signifies that you are aiming for higher degree of self-respect. Affiliation is the ability to build mutual and harmonious relation with other people. This is healthy for it prevents pressure and stress.

Resilience is one’s behavior in dealing with problems or mishaps in life, and recovering from them. One who is resilient shows positive disposition no matter how difficult life’s situation is and has the ability to laugh at problems and take them lightly. Physical exercise and leisure can protect people against depression and keep the brain from being inactive.

Negotiation is compromising that we cannot have all the answers and knowing that other people may help us. This prevents one from disappointment and failure to see solutions to hitches.
Benefits of Being Intellectually-well:

  • Discovery of new things. Things may be revealed to you by continuous studying and learning.
  • Critical thinking skill is improved. You analyze situations at a higher degree.
  • Brain is challenged. This prevents forgetting things at a young age. See those people who still have strong memory even at their old age.
  • Clear thinking. You understand things easily and clearly. You have a wide understanding of concepts.
  • Happiness and meaning in life. You can see the purpose with whatever learning you acquire and it gives happiness to you and the people around you.

It is good to enhance intellectual wellness at an early age. Children who are engaged with reading are smarter than those who do not. It applies to adults, too. Those who are fond of watching, listening, reading, and participating in different forms of arts are intellectually adept and clever. It is a product of their choice to improve themselves. Being smart or clever can be achieved by anyone. Even those who have mental disability can improve their intellectual ability.

Studies show that 60%-90% who suffer from depression commit suicide. Related clinical findings enumerated some barriers that reduce the healthy state of mind. Age-related changes, illnesses, drugs or alcohol abuse and health complaints affect our mental health.

The desire to improve your mental ability will take place if you acknowledge the fact that there is lacking in you and that you want to achieve it. The steps may be simple but change will not happen overnight. You have to be persistent in practicing them until you get the desired result.

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