8 Boost Self Esteem Tips

Tips to boost self esteem

If you are struggling with low self esteem you can boost self esteem and improve self confidence. I like to share how to apply my personal experiences to your daily life. There are many things you can start doing now. Enjoy this boost self esteem tips.

Here are some tips you can start applying to your daily life:

How to boost you self esteem?

1. Honoring and loving yourself . It is impossible to love and honor yourself if you are constantly blaming. Blaming means that you don’t take responsibility for your life. When this happens you are powerless and engage in negative thinking.How do I get out of this trap?. I changed my negative self talk. Changing your negative self talk is a great boost . Give yourself permission to ask for your needs, say no, and see your beauty.
2. Do not judge other people. If I find myself judging I immediately change my attention. When you judge others think that you are better than them or you use this judgment to feel better.As Wayne Dyer said: Whenever you have a thought that excludes or judges anyone else, you aren’t defining them. You’re defining yourself as someone who needs to judge others.

3. Stop feeling guilty. If want to eat chocolate I eat it without guilt. The same if I need a nap , play or just relax and do nothing. Remember that guilt paralyze you. Even if you were mistaken, assume responsibility and move on.

4. Don’t take personally another person criticism. I know that if come across to somebody that criticizes me is not about me. Some people to think that are better than others by putting them down. Start to take criticism as a feedback, and see if you could learn from it.

5. Exercising helps boosting self esteem, your mood, body image and improve self confidence. When I exercise I have spent time with myself. My body is light, flexible and with a lot of energy. I exercise frequently. I cannot run outside, I go to the gym. It is really important to choose an exercise you enjoy doing instead of forcing yourself to do what you were told that it was better. Choose doing what you like, make it fun and enjoyable.

6. Meditate. I meditate every day. When being in silence I am with myself. It doesn’t matter what meditation you use, the important issue is to be in silence. Meditation will help you to be with your source of self worth and helps to improve self confidence.

7. Have sense of humor. I have a great sense of humor, that’s helps a lot because I won’t dwell on self pity. Start feeling happy. Learn to laugh at yourself. People that are unable to laugh at themselves is because of their own insecurities and fears.

8. Celebrate success. I celebrate success every day; even the small ones helps your self confidence. I become conscious of them. ( I made dinner, I watered my plants, I was nice to an angry person, etc). Celebrate also your positive qualities. This habit will keep you motivated. Take a moment and acknowledge every single effort do.


Practice any of the 8 tips in your daily life. The key is to do something for you so that you feel good. Once you have tried a few of the tips I have suggested, make the ones that worked for you a routine.


Confidence is hard to come by but this always helps me.. Laura.


Thanks for this article. It motivates me a lot. I really need this now. I will start right away. Brokengee

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