Feel Good About Yourself: Step 4: Accept Yourself for Who You Are

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Step 4. Practice self-acceptance

Socrates once said, “Know yourself.” If you truly know who you are then, you are making a very important start in your life. Knowing yourself is the first step towards your journey in life.

In discovering yourself is not limited to knowing the simple details of your life like what is your name or where you were born and who your parents are. It always starts with knowing your limits, possibilities, dreams and ambitions. Your journey in life is dependent on knowing the path that you are willing to take so that you will be able to make the right disposition.

Naturally people will have flaws and weaknesses that they will have to face. Deal with it. It is best to acknowledge these and come up with ways to overcome or change them. Denial is the worst thing that you can do or one that can happen with your life. You do not want that.

Unexamined lives are not worth living so deal with your issues and learn to accept yourself for who you are. Placing blame on other aspects of your life like the government, your parents, your peers and your school is not going to change things for you. The decisions that you make now will affect the kind of character that you will have as a person, your reputation and the future that you should have.

Imitation or handing you over to something that is not you is not cool. Dressing up and acting like somebody else is just plain fake and wrong. Knowing who you are and accepting this will help you become more comfortable in your skin and will result in more positive things for you. Pretending to be someone else for the sake of acceptance of others will just harm you more.

Accept yourself for who you are. There is no harm in doing so. Search deep in your soul and ask yourself who you are, what you want in life, and what your calling is. Knowing your purpose in this life will give you so much inner peace, confidence, and happiness. How would you feel if you walk blindly on the highway of life? You get crushed. You waste time that you cannot get back. You will find yourself lost and depressed that can be avoided if you only dig deeper into your being.

What are the ways in which you can accept yourself for who you are?

  • Know everything there is about you like your hobbies, likes and favorite things.
  • Ask yourself about the things that you truly believe in.
  • What are your goals?

These are the things that will help you love yourself more. Acceptance is an important factor in anyone’s life; make sure that you start that with yourself. Once you have done this then, you will be willing to accept people for who they are as well. With this being said, you are in no doubt making great progress in your life and in the lives of those who are around you. Download now Self Acceptance

Step 5. Identify your positive qualities

identify positive qualities

One of the most important things for us to be able to feel alive is to find the positive qualities that we have but not all of us – not even the people around us – could see it. Some people would place the blame on a world that

is surrounded by the cynical and the jealous who will never appreciate you for who you are.

Some people just don’t give care about it, though most of them just use it as a defense mechanism to avoid being hurt. Ralph Waldo Emerson has written an essay simply called “Self-Reliance.” It was one of the most wonderful essays written in the history of mankind and it says that you should find your own worth from your own constitution.

Thus, you yourself should be one of those people that know how to identify your positive qualities. Usually, the time when you decide to find your own positive qualities is when you are feeling down. At these times, it is better to set yourself back for a while instead of diving right into finding your own positive qualities. So if you happen to be feeling down a little:

  • The first thing to do is to recognize what has happened and what you feel about it. If you think that you couldn’t figure out how you feel about something, don’t force yourself. Instead, try to focus on a very simple task. This may include simply sitting down properly, arranging the clothes you wear, or slowly looking at the sky no matter how it looks like. This has saved the life of a Japanese tea master before and this could also save you from the pangs of breaking down.
  • Next is to recognize that trying to identify your positive qualities could lead to an unreasonable degree of self-love or narcissism. This is because you must learn how to identify the positive qualities not from your lofty dreams (which is not necessarily evil), but from reality – from who you already are. Because, not doing so could lead to a devastating level of self-disappointment or anger towards other who don’t conform to your self-image.
  • Third, after recognizing the risk of what you are going to do, you may now start identifying your positive qualities from a pool of positive qualities. But instead of thinking about yourself alone, you will find your pool of positive qualities from outside yourself. You will do this by identifying your friends and listing the qualities that you love in them. As they say, a man is identified by the company he keeps. But your company isn’t just them, your family is also another. But it doesn’t end at that; you must still look for the positive qualities of those you admire. These could range from celebrities, philosophers, and even your neighbor. By looking at them, you will know not just who you are but what you can be.

The point of learning how to identify your positive qualities isn’t to learn that you’re perfect. It’s for the sake of keeping your state of mental balance. After all, who says that we have to be?.

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