Can essential oils help with insomnia?

aromatherapy for insomnia

Essential Oils are use to improve both your physical and emotionally well-being. These essential oils can alleviate headaches and anxiety to help you relax and sleep. We all know that insomnia can impact our well being and the quality of our lives.  Usually the frustration of not being able to  sleep can make the situation worse. There are many root causes for insomnia, among them: stress, depression, physical illness and working unusual schedules.

Aromatherapy cannot cure insomnia , but using calming and relaxing essential oils before you go to sleep can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep until your intended wake-up time. However,  if you have a serious sleep disorder, you should see your health professional to discuss your situation and you can still use aromatherapy for insomnia.

How do you use essential oils for sleep? You can use this essential oil in a warm bath or with a diffuser.

Sleep-Inducing Essential Oils

  1. Among therapeutic properties of chamomile are Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic; promotes digestion and promotes sleep.
  2. Lavender is antiseptic, circulatory stimulant and relieves muscle cramping.
  3. Infused with a natural aroma-therapeutic blend of chamomile, lavender and citrus, this eye pillow is excellent for relieving the stress of every day life. Use while resting, napping, meditating, or right before bed time.
  4. Sandalwood is an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory and sedative.
  5. Sandalwood Essential Oil relaxes and soothes the mind. For an invigorating bubble bath, add a couple ounces to warm running water.

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Essential Oils for Sleep

1) Lavender – Most popular and used for thousands of years throughout history in Jewish and Chinese medicine.

2) Roman Chamomile – Helps the brain and digestive system to relax.

3) Vetiver – Works directly on the nervous system and good for neurological conditions such as dementia, ADHD or autism. Vetiver calms the body and the nerves.

Essential Oil Blend for Bedtime

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Roman Chamomile

1 drop Vetiver

Directions: Rub on neck, forehead or nose to breathe in vapors or diffuse before going to bed.

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