Emotional Books

If emotions has been ruining your life , is time to stop and think about it. We can learn a lot from our emotions and deal with them in a positive manner. Learn from this self-help books . It’s ok to feel the way you do and you can always learn from your experience something valuable.

Read this self-help books about emotions and feelings. What are they and how to overcome challenging situations when face with the emotion of guilt, shame, fear and more disturbing emotions that are running your life.


Emotional Health

Great reading for those who are struggling with emotional health or for those who work with them

“I want to show that the dividing lines between sanity and mental illness have been drawn in the wrong place”. Anthony Storr

Fear – Build your confidence to start enjoy life more fully

Whether you fear being alone, heights, or violence or any other one, these books will help you overcome this emotion. …

“Only when we are no longer afraid we do begin to live”.Dorothy Thompsom


Understand that the emotion of anger is caused by a combination of an irrational perception of reality and it is essential to deal with it in a positive way….

“For Every minute yu remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind”. Ralph W. Emerson


Find the root causes of guilt to live a life free of guilt. Remember that guilt is an emotional state that paralyze your life , move on and let go of the emotion of guilt…

“Guilt is not a response to anger, it is a response to one’s own actions or lack of action”. Audre Lorde


People of all ages a suffer from depression. Is this is your case these book will lift you up and help you to overcome depression and feel better…

“Depression is the inability to construct a future”. Rollo May

Self-pity – A sign of low self esteem.

Self-pity keeps people in a helpless situation and they become victims. Build confidence and experience the ability to cope with life situations. Take control of your life with this recommended book.

“Self-pity is our wort enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anyuthing wise in this world”. Hellen Keller


People of all ages one time or the other suffer from jealousy. If this is your case you might be having low self-esteem, feelings of insecurity, vulnerability, or fear of abandonment…

“Jealousy is nothing more than fear of abandonment”. Francois de la Rochefoucaud

Anxiety and Phobia

Everyone experiences anxiety problems sometimes in life . It may be a condition in itself or it may be caused by an underlying psychiatric or physical illness. Overcome this emotional state now….

“Anxiety is de dizziness of freedom”. Soren Kierkegasrd


People experience resentment usually as a secondary emotion. It does not matter what the causes of resentment are, in order to live free and to gain a healthy emotional state you must let go of the emotion of resentment…

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Malachy McCourt .


People become frustrated when they are not able to reach their goals. Frustration makes your life miserable because you are constantly putting efforts and you don’t see the results. Learn how to manage the emotion of frustration.

“Frustration is our announcement to ourselves that we need to move back into love in order to find our “center” once again. Donald Walsch.


Understand and learn solutions for the problem of shame . Shame is an emotion that produces energy of loss in which we feel that we are wrong.

“Shame is a being wound and differs greatly from the feeling of guilt. John Bradshaw .


People suffer envy because of conflicts with self-esteem . There is a lack of self-worth and often a feeling of inferiority . Find more about envy to overcome this emotional state.

“Envy is an insult to oneself. – Yevgeny Yevtushenko .

Pride – Are you dissatisfied with yourself spiritually, physically or emotionally

Learn how to overcome the emotion of pride.

“Pride is a powerful narcotic, but it doesn’t do much for the auto-immune system. Stuart Stevens.

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