Self-Esteem Course: Part 5: Review of the Principles

free self esteem course review

I would like you to help you to review the work you have don so far. It’s important that you give it some time.

Taking Responsibility

1. I have talked about taking responsibility for your life and, if you must, changing your attitude. If you can’t remember it, look back over it. As you do this, think about how your attitudes have changed. In what ways are you clearer now about what exactly talking responsibility means?

2. Look back to see what your definition of taking responsibility was back then. How has this changed? And how far have you moved towards realising this new principle?. In what ways do you understand more about taking responsibility for your life now?

3. Write down at least three things you notice during the week ahead that illustrate to you that taking responsibility is improving. However small, these are the indicators that things are moving.

Unconditional Love toward yourself

1. In the Second part of the course, I talked about Unconditional Love toward yourself.

2. In what ways are you clearer now about the importance of giving an apology to yourself and using self-forgiveness?.

3. If you didn’t write the two letters, please do it now. If you did write, the two letters write down how you felt about doing so.

Put Yourself First

1. The third part of the course is about putting yourself first. Look back to see what putting yourself first meant back then. How has this changed?. Have you become aware that your needs are just important as anyone else’s?.

2. Write down at least one thing you plan to do to put yourself first in any situation that is bothering you.


1. Finally, I talked about integrity. How do you feel know that you found that integrity is so important for a healthy self-esteem?. Are you willing to give it a try?. If you didn’t answer the questions in the fourth email, please do so now?

You’ve completed the review of the principles. Thanks for letting me share this Principles with you.

I’ll see you next with the setting goals to improve your self esteem message.

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