How Fat Sick And Nearly Dead Changed Juicing Diets

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The struggle to lose weight is a struggle that many people face across the country. A lot of people, as a result, turn to many types of weight loss options and medical treatments to help themselves shed excessive pounds and get much healthier.

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead… and juicing?

The problem is that a surprising amount of people can’t lose weight by these so-called ‘conventional’ weight loss methods.

They need something that will work for their body type, even if they have already tried it before. A big part of losing weight is remaining committed to a weight loss regime or diet on a regular basis. Though, a lot of people don’t realize that until it’s time to make a drastic change to improve their health.

Such a notion was expressed in the full length documentary, Fat Sick And Nearly Dead. This documentary follows Joe Cross, the director, in his journey to get healthier after exhausting all of his other weight loss options. The unique thing about Cross’ weight loss journey is that he eventually met with Phil Staples, another obese man who struggled with much of the same weight loss issues as Cross.

From there, Fat Sick And Nearly Dead follows the lives of both Cross and Staples as they work to better their weight loss problems—and themselves.

The main thing that drove Cross’ weight loss plan was juicing for weight loss. Since all of Cross’ other options didn’t help his body, he decided to rely on a more holistic way to help his body lose weight.

Healthy juices help fuel the body’s natural healing process, making it work more efficiently to burn excess fat. Due to that, Cross started a vegetables and fruit juicing diet during his 60 day and 3,000 mile journey across the United States. His goal? To stop relying on his medications and reach the balanced, much healthier lifestyle that he desired.

How juicing works as a viable dieting plan

To some people, the notion of juicing for weight loss sounds ridiculous as a diet plan. Since you mainly drink vegetable and fruit juice throughout such a regime, some might think you might also need ‘solid’ foods to get enough sustenance for your body.

While that’s a legitimate concern, a healthy juicing diet does have recipes that make sure the body gets enough sustenance to thrive throughout the day. Detoxifying or cleansing the body is also a big part of juice fast diets, as healthy juice fast diets help flush the body of harmful pollutants. Fat Sick And Nearly Dead actually helps promote that very notion, as Cross himself desired to cleanse his body of those same pollutants to start his weight loss journey.

‘Harmful pollutants’

When you hear about harmful pollutants in the body, they’re mainly ‘pollutants’ that your liver is responsible for processing.

The liver is responsible for essentially filtering your blood from the digestive tract before it passes throughout the rest of your body. It’s also responsible for other bodily tasks like detoxifying chemicals and other harmful pollutants from the body. Notably, the liver also metabolizes fat, though it can’t perform that job well if it’s occupied by others.

Juicing for weight loss helps ‘offload’ some of those jobs from your liver by cleansing the body of those pollutants that might get absorbed into the blood from the digestive tract. When this happens, you can help your liver regain the ability to properly metabolize fats and detoxify the body without those pollutants impeding its innate ability.

A big part of Fat Sick And Nearly Dead, as mentioned, is informing people about the importance of getting the body to the point where it’s able to metabolize and burn fats again, something that a juicing diet can help accomplish.

Starting a juicing diet

If you want to start a juicing diet, you don’t have to do what Joe Cross did and lug a juicer, veggies and fruits into a travel van. You can start your own weight loss journey from the comforts of your own home.

Before buying vegetables and fruits, it’s important to research juicing diet recipes first. You’re only going to be consuming those healthy juices throughout your diet, so you need to know what recipes will provide you the flavors and sustenance you need.

Many recipes include hearty and healthy vegetables like beets, bananas, avocado, berries and even leafy greens. You can even add healthy additives like protein powder, flax seeds, nuts, legumes, beans—anything that will blend well with fruits and vegetables.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and sometimes beans are commonly seen in many juicing recipes. You’re also not limited to making juice, either. You can turn any of these foods into healthy smoothies that are nutritious and filling for the day.

The best ingredients for a juicing diet are raw and organic fruits and vegetables, which are more or less super foods that will provide a well rounded amount of nutrients for the body. Many of these foods include carrots, cucumbers and kale. You can mix it up and include many of the other ingredients that we mentioned to keep your diet from getting too stagnant or not as well rounded as it should be.

Some people do worry about how much they might end up spending on their juice fast diet. To save the most money, it’s suggested to buy most vegetable and fruits when they’re in season. This pretty much helps you save money on fruits and vegetables that might be expensive during the off season.

You should always incorporate regular exercise into your daily regime when on a juicing diet. When you lose weight, you might end up retaining some ‘water weight,’ which can be easily shed by drinking enough water and getting exercise. Light to moderate exercise works best for most people, so you don’t have to get involved in a high intensity exercise regime if you don’t want to.

The documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2
has inspired many people to undertake a juicing diet for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it’s just getting healthier, losing weight or a little bit of both, documentaries like the aforementioned always do a great job in getting people inspired enough to make a real change in their lives.

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