How to feel more attractive

How to feel more attractive

feel attractive
To feel more attractive is an inside job. If you have low self-esteem, you might be feeling unattractive. Your confidence will be influenced too. You need therefore to think differently to feel attractive.

Difference between beautiful and attractive

Beauty applies to the physical features, face, and body. Attractiveness is a quality that results from a combination of factors. Including character, personality, and appearance. Not everyone is beautiful, but everyone can be attractive because is a quality that can be developed.

Attractiveness is not about beauty. Attractive people have:

You might be felling unattractive because

Some tips on how to feel more attractive

Follow this advice, feel more attractive, and therefore more confident.

  • You might need first work on the outside to motivate yourself. Try a new hairstyle. Change your makeup. Switch glasses for contacts or whitens your teeth. These things will make you more attractive. Make sure to have a good grooming, clean nails, clean clothing, nice smell, and dress appropriately.
  • Do not compare yourself to super models – or even regular models!. Even the most gorgeous woman will feel unattractive if she sits around watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The more you compare yourself to the beautiful faces that you see on TV, in movies, and in magazines, the worse you will feel about yourself.
    The next time you get caught up reading the latest celebrity gossip and start to feel inadequate, stop yourself. Remember, most of these super models, pop stars, and movie stars have a team of people to do their hair, do their makeup, select their clothes, and get them into a workout routine. You’re simply not being fair to yourself if you start comparing yourself to them.
  • Develop your ability to listen to others.
  • Exercise. Instead of sitting around thinking about how fat you feel, get up and do something about it!. Even if you can’t afford a gym membership, take a jog around your neighborhood or buy a couple of dumbbells so that you can workout at home. If you fit working out into your daily routine, it will be much easier to stick to an exercise plan.
    Plus, when you workout, your brain releases endorphins – or, the so-called “.good hormones”. As soon as your workout is over, your endorphins will help you feel happy and healthy. And, as an added benefit, research shows that those endorphins can stick with you for the rest of the day!.
  • Work inside of you. You can use Techniques. Also, you can download Feel attractive now or Esteem Booster.
  • Overcome fear of rejection. You might have felt rejected in the past, and this might cause you to dwell in self-pity.
  • Learn how to handle criticism.
  • Stop Negativity. We all talk to ourselves, but if the voice in your head is always saying something mean, stop it. You may not even realize how much you’re criticizing yourself!.
    The next time a negative thought creeps into your head, tells yourself (out loud if you have to) that it’s not justified. Those thoughts simply make you a victim – and being a victim is no way to feel attractive!. Listen to your inner talk Use affirmations or Stop Negative Thinking download.
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According to Deepak Chopra there are two keys to attraction:

  • Love yourself as you are.
  • Embrace your weaknesses and be natural about them.

Feeling attractive will increase the number of people who will want to know you.

The last tip is to remain calm. If you are angry stop, let go of the anger and then approach the issue. And always make the different between interpretation and evaluation. Interpretation involves feelings. For example He is saying that I am wrong, he wants to hurt me. Evaluation is neutral: He is saying that I am wrong.

Most of us are not used to express our feelings. We expect them to read our minds. If you expect them to read your mind, you will live under other’s assumptions.

You will notice changes in your relationships while you use assertiveness. You’ll see different reactions. When I started to be assertive, I felt uncomfortable with myself and many family members thought that I was acting strangely. Is a matter of persistence, we tend to reject change, is uncomfortable. If you practice assertiveness, everybody respects you. Your confidence and self-respect improves.

To Improve your assertiveness, try
30 Minutes to Self-Confidence for building confidence and self-respect.

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