How To Start A Weight Loss Program – 3 Tips

weight loss program

Weight loss program have become an integral part of our society – just check out the advertisements pouncing upon our eyes every day about how slim is sexy, or something of that sort. That is not to be decried, though. A lifestyle where being slim is, for the most part, being healthy, is supported by numerous scientific studies.

Not being overweight or obese significantly reduces the risk of getting a variety of potentially fatal diseases in one’s lifetime, like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and many types of cancers. Being slim also improves physical self-image for many, makes movement easier, and prevents too much strain to joints caused by the extra weight. That is why if you are overweight you might need to know how to start a weight loss program.

Many findings show that about one-third of the world’s population is considered overweight or obese. Many who are aware of it, thus, contemplate finding a suitable weight loss program in the future. While there are plenty of approaches to lose weight, there are many factors that every prospect must first consider before proceeding to a particular program.

How do you make a weight loss plan? First, one must ask, “Is it necessary to lose weight?” That can be measured, by trying to determine the BMI (Body Mass Index), which could be computed using a BMI calculator, a BMI chart, or through this formula:

BMI = (weight)/(height)2,

Where the weight is in kilograms and the height is in meters. A BMI of 25 to 30 qualifies as overweight; a BMI greater than 30 qualifies as obese. (The normal range is from 18.5-25.)

bmi chart
BMI chart

Once it is determined that weight loss is desirable, one can now proceed to ask, “What do I think of my body?” There should be a right mindset to follow a weight loss program – while losing weight is desirable, one should be on guard about losing more weight than it is deemed necessary to maintain health. The person losing weight should also commit herself to her goal of reaching the right weight throughout the program. It needs plenty of will to do this: first, one should be disciplined enough to stick to a schedule of meals, exercises,  because the mind should be prepared to give up activities that would get in the way of the program, like excessive snacking, eating some foods, and slackness. Also, one should rid oneself of all past misconceptions about weight loss, like an unjustified bias against all fat-free foods or sugars (because not all fat-free foods or sugars are bad; some are good; what has to be found out is which ones are good and which ones are not.)

Given all the information obtained by initial assessment of one’s weight, it is now time to research for a weight loss program that fits your needs. There are plenty of programs specifically tailored to one’s preferences and specifications: the most common ones include (1) medically supervised programs, which are done under the guidance of a physician; (2) commercially managed programs, run by private firms and offer plenty of versatility although it can get expensive versatility; (3) non-clinical or self-help, usually in the form of diets and/or supplements; (4) online programs, which come in the shape of regular monitoring through e-mails and online advice, and (5) programs in support groups, like Overeats Anonymous, attendance of which provides an emotional supplement to cope with an ongoing weight loss program.

In our journey to shedding those extra pounds off, these programs are parcel of our daily living to attain a healthy lifestyle. Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound) goals regarding your health, then choose the program which you think is best for you, then commit yourself to it. After all, it’s your weight that these programs are looking at.

How to start a weight loss program with a Good Attitude

There are many programs out there that will assist that heavyweight person to lose those excess pounds. With eating being a healthy habit of almost anyone, it is the hardest part that you have to control. Just take, for example, a diet requires that you eat only fruits for one week, and you have been used to eating meat and fast food junk. If you intend to last and complete the diet, then you would have to have that right attitude for the program.

good attitude diet
good attitude diet

The difference between starting a diet with a good attitude and a bad one is completing it with results. Bad outlooks will mean you may fill out the project but the results will not be the same. A good and positive attitude mean accomplishing the program to its end with the objective being reached and met.

How do you improve your behavior and outlook to start a weight loss program? With the task being so hard to do, you need that constant reassurance that you will finish it with flying colors. A good attitude means that you do not have to have the highest IQ or education. A little positive mood will do wonders in completing the diet task at hand. Research and studies have shown that those that infuse active auras to any activity will see it to its completion. The little difference between a good and bad way to go about things will mean success or failure for anything that you may want to do.

The best way to start a weight loss program is to have positive ideas. This means that every single hour of every day that you are using the program, you must fill your mind with positive mental thoughts. To accomplish this, read a few inspirational books and websites about people who have lost weight and how it has helped their lives. A good uplifting music or encouraging words from a friend will also do wonders in filling up your mood with positivity. As an added activity, try to list down what the diet program has done for you that day. Keep a journal and state how eating fruits has given you more energy that the meats that you have previously eaten. By doing this kind of activity, you are listing down the good things that have happened to you with the diet. Try not to focus too much on how hungry you are as this will only aggravate and frustrate you.

The second thing you can do is to affirm yourself. Congratulate your accomplishments for the diet. If in one week’s time you will lose two pounds, then take some time and say “wow! That is a significant accomplishment”. Instill in your mind that confidence that you can do better with each coming week using the diet program. If you fall a couple of steps behind, just laugh it off. In fact, laughter and enjoying yourself with the diet regimen is the best idea to help you accomplish it faster.

A third way to make your attitude better is to think of good things about the program. Ensure that you meet every meal of the program with a happy and healthy mood. Simply see the right in all the things that from the diet program. This will make you finish it better and faster. Start building that positive outlook as soon as you begin the diet. Delaying this type of attitude will only mean that you do not want to finish the project of reducing your weight.

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