I am enough: how to become a worthy person?

i am enough

Due to certain paradigms of society, many times we think that to know that we are enough, someone else must tell us and that is when our need for positive affirmations by other people is born.

But, the truth is that nobody can make us feel that we are well and that we meet expectations, because this must come from the depths of our being.

Assuming that we are enough to achieve everything we want and accepting ourselves as we are, will be the key to achieving our stability, happiness and inner peace, which will lead us to have excellent relationships with the people around us and achieve our life goals.

If you want to know more about the affirmation of “I am enough” and its relationship with our self-esteem, read on! In the following article, we will give you a clear explanation on this topic and we will give you the key to become a deserving person.

Know what is the meaning of “I am enough”

Many therapists have defined this phrase as a positive self-affirmation, but Marisa Peer, a transformational hypnotherapist and author of the Life Without Limits program, has called it a “statement of truth.”

This professional mentions that when our mind hears that it is a statement of the truth, your perspective on it changes completely, since knowing that it is true, that you are enough, it will change how your unconscious analyzes it and how you feel with this statement.

Many times when we propose to reinforce our positivism with statements or affirmation phrases, our brain tells us “that is not true, look at the situation we are going through.” However, the power of this phrase “I am enough” comes from the fact that your mind cannot say “not true” because it is completely true and there is no situation in life that can invalidate or make this statement less important.

So the meaning of this statement is that always, in spite of anything, you are enough to achieve what you set out to do in life and no one at all should think or feel otherwise.

This statement of truth is closely linked with your self esteem, since when you know that you are enough for everything, an immense self-love is born in you that drives you to achieve what you set out to do.

Your self-esteem is the main basis of many actions in your life and when it is low, you are susceptible that anyone can make you change the perspective of yourself, just with a bad comment.

In this sense, the declaration of “I am enough” can make you understand what you are capable of and what you are worth, helping you to improve your self esteem and self-love.

Low Self Esteem Signs

There are certain signs that can reveal that your self esteem is going through a bad time, among them we can name:

  •        You take criticism too personal
  •        You want to have control over other people
  •        You feel indecisive about your decisions
  •        You always want to please others
  •        You compare yourself with others, always in a negative way
  •        You blame your actions on others
  •        You are constantly on the defensive
  •        You feel unable to say “NO”
  •        You devalue your own efforts
  •        You constantly apologize for everything
  •        You accept others to make decisions for you
  •        You give up very easily
  •        You allow others to mistreat you or abuse your trust

How can low self-esteem affect you in your daily life?

Low self-esteem is a condition that can negatively affect you in various aspects of your daily life. When you lack good self-esteem, it is very difficult for you to have healthy relationships with others, since to have peace and tranquility with others, you must first have it with yourself, accepting and loving yourself as you are. In this way the decisions, comments or actions of others will not affect as much on a personal level and you can face them more objectively.

The most relevant aspects of daily life that can be affected by low self-esteem are:

         At work level:

Managing the work environment can often be difficult. In it, we must share with various people and we must know how to confront when a colleague makes a bad comment or simply does not like us, just as this may not please us, and this is completely normal.

When a person with low self-esteem has to face a work environment, his aptitude may not be the most adequate, since he could overreact to any criticism or uncomfortable situation or he could simply be too submissive, leaving others to abuse his confidence or humiliate him, just to feel included.

In your interpersonal and loving relationships:

Self-esteem and self-love are essential in intimate and loving relationships, because always before loving and loving others, we must have great self-love, which allows us to know what we deserve in this relationship and what we will not tolerate at all .

When a person with low self-esteem starts a relationship, his actions are always guided to please the other without thinking about himself, he always expects this person to make positive affirmations about him in order to feel good, and he is also very prone to abuse in relationship for fear of losing the person.

In your family nucleus

Having low self-esteem not only influences our relationship with ourselves, but also with our environment. The tendency to generalize and think that everything is wrong, leads to distortion of thought to the point of thinking only about the negative that occurs in the environment.

A person with low self-esteem is not able to see positive aspects in his family nucleus, reason why the relations with his close friends are established in a confused, intricate, uncomfortable and always dissatisfied way.

Assertive communication does not exist for those who have low self-esteem, making it difficult for their family members to establish a conversation or reach an agreement. Likewise, those who have self-esteem problems often create dependency relationships, with the need to feel valued, but, once they receive said positive evaluation, they tend to reject it because they do not feel adequate or believe that they lack merit.

A person with a lack of self-esteem is characterized by not having rules within the home, or having diffuse, contradictory parameters, based on stereotypes and not on the true needs of the family group to maintain their stability.

On a spiritual level

A person is a sum of norms and characteristics that form a set capable of defining personality, psychological structure, ego, emotional well-being, and many other important aspects.

Spirituality is another factor that is affected by low self-esteem. How? If there is no balance between thoughts, desires, attitudes and emotions, a strong negative energy is generated that fuels contradictory stimuli.

At a spiritual level, low self-esteem produces stagnation of energies and even a serious setback in the goals and aspirations of the person, feeling unable to achieve their goals and without the desire to get ahead, establishing limits that allow them to think only about the negative aspects of their life.

Such instability between self-esteem and spirit can only be corrected when the person improves and strengthens his self-esteem, reaching a balance with himself, his thoughts, his soul, his desires, his vibrations and his energies.

But … what to do? The basic habits to strengthen your self-esteem

As simple as it may seem, there are those who do not know a practical way to strengthen and increase their self-esteem. But calm down! Next, we will introduce you to some basic habits that will help you improve your self-esteem, remembering that it is only up to you to achieve your own well-being.

•        Beware

To start, you must learn to listen and attend to the needs of your body, it is an essential part to love yourself from start to finish. Exercising, having healthy eating habits, sleeping well and spending more time on your personal care are part of the fundamental to start building a better self-esteem.

•        Self awareness

Developing awareness of what you need to change and how you are going to change it is an essential part of this new path to high self-esteem. The first thing you should do is analyze your thoughts about yourself, how you describe yourself, how you speak to yourself and how you treat yourself.

From there, you will be clear about exactly what changes you should have with yourself to increase your levels of self-esteem.

• Errors are positive

You must change your way of thinking about mistakes. Making mistakes is part of life and although we have all grown up thinking that mistakes are bad and that we should not make them, to improve your self-esteem you must change these experiences from a positive perspective.

How? The smartest way is to take mistakes as an opportunity to learn, rectify, or have the feedback we need for our personal development.

• Don’t compare yourself

Life is not about competing with others, it is not a race. It is about being happy with who you are and when you focus on third parties to establish comparisons with yourself, you will only be creating a competition that does not exist and, therefore, you will not win.

Plus: important recommendations to build good self-esteem

  • Search and find the origin of your low self-esteemü  Identify your strengths
  • Transform negative thoughts into rational responsesü  Spend more time with positive peopleü
  • Limit your fearsü
  • Forgive yourself,
  • put self-pity into practiceü

How to deal with relapses? 12 affirmations to remember that you are a deserving person

In this work of strengthening self-esteem it is more common than it seems to have relapses, returning to the patterns that produce suffering, negative thoughts, attitudes of disagreement with oneself and others. Therefore, we must have reinforcements to help us deal with these dips. Keep reading! Here are 12 valuable affirmations to help you maintain the conviction that you are a worthy person.

self esteem affirmations

1. I open my mind and my heart to love.

2. I am ready to live with well-being and to love myself at all times.

3. I am talented and I learn new ways to appreciate myself every day.

4. I am willing to see and recognize my talents, my qualities and my beauty.

5. I am willing to free myself from the patterns of criticism towards myself and other people.

6. I know that I am a work in progress, that I can continue to improve and grow, I do not aspire to perfection, I love myself as I am.

7. I am expansion, I am abundance and I am love.

8. I take better care of my body, my mind and my heart because I love myself.

9. Love brings joy and energy to my life.

10. I get rid of my fears and allow myself to trust my body.

11. Every day offers me a new opportunity. Today is a great day for me.

12. I give myself permission to focus on what I like about myself.

Conclusion: a new perspective on life

Our conviction of ourselves constitutes our true identity, including the virtues and the way of valuing ourselves to build a healthy, safe and capable self-image.

Do you know what drives your identity?

The sense of identity is always promoted by the way of thinking and acting, with self-esteem being the basic ingredient to survive psychologically and have a good stimulus to establish our identity. With a new perspective, a good self-concept and a better appreciation of our virtues, we will be able to maintain a calm life in every way, including work, social, love, spiritual and family aspects.

People who are stable and who are well with themselves, feel comfortable with their lives, are able to face challenges, assume responsibilities and confidently solve the problems that arise.

In short, having an adequate level of self-esteem will always be necessary to achieve the emotional and mental balance we need, achieving healthy relationships with ourselves and with our environment.

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