Knowing How Much Melatonin To Take

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If you are pondering the question, how much melatonin to take, the answer is it should be enough to address your anxiety problems and will not cause damage to your health. This is a hormone from the body that commands it to take a rest. Some supplements have melatonin and these address issues on the cycle of sleeping and waking up.

The reaction of a person towards light produces melatonin. When the eye detects the amount of light in the surroundings, it will feed this information to the hypothalamus which in return will instruct the pineal gland to reduce or heighten the amount of melatonin produced. For example, when night time falls, melatonin will be created which will signal the body that it is time to sleep.  Usually, the production of melatonin is highest during night time at around 9:00 in the evening. During day time, melatonin production is at its lowest.

There are food supplements that contain melatonin, and these are not regulated by the FDA. This means the amount of melatonin in them cannot be fully ascertained. There is also no way of knowing whether these are effective. It is, therefore, vital to buy food supplements with melatonin from reputable companies. A person can take melatonin if he or she does not have regular sleeping patterns and if he or she suffers from a lack of sleep. These supplements would be able to make one fall asleep by giving the right dosage of melatonin needed to rest entirely.


The side effects of melatonin

Melatonin is a natural hormone that is produced by the body to help the sleeping cycle, but some people can find that this is not working properly and, therefore, suffer from conditions such as insomnia or other sleeping disorders. When seeing a doctor, they will usually be prescribed some form of a sleeping tablet, which has the melatonin in it but there are some melatonin side effects.

While the use of melatonin supplements has been proven to help with jet lag treatment, there is still very little evidence that they help people fall asleep much longer. Doctors are becoming less inclined to taking sleeping tablets due to the possible problems that occur due to them.

1. Daytime Sleepiness. Because the melatonin hormone helps the person to sleep, it is common that the patient taking the replacement will sleep during the day. This is due to not helping the patient sleep at night for longer or earlier. This sleepiness can affect a lot of activities done during the day, such as driving or operating heavy machinery; if you do feel tired or drowsy, it is probably best to stay away from these operations.

2. Headaches. Headaches are a common side effect when it comes to tiredness, and there has been no link to melatonin helping with the patient getting a better night’s sleep. Headaches are also usually linked to another common side effect; dizziness.

3. Sleeping Walking or Nightmares. These are common when taking the hormone supplements, especially at the start of the cycle. The brain knows that there is more of the hormone than it is used to and it can try to fight it. Sleeping walking is common as the brain makes the body believe that it is awake. The nightmares come from the same reason as dreams; they are suppressed thoughts which the brain is now able to bring up due to more sleep.

Melatonin supplements have also shown problems when interacting with other medication. These include birth control pills, diabetes medication, blood-thinning medication and also immunosuppressants. There may also be links to adverse side effects when the patient is suffering from other health conditions, and it is important that a doctor is consulted before taking these supplements, whether over the counter or through natural herbs.

It is commonly believed by doctors that the hormone supplements or sleeping tablets should not be taken for more than a two-month period, as they may be harmful. In fact, there has been no dose that has been deemed one hundred percent sure.

Finally, it is essential that the ingredients of the sleeping tablets or supplements are checked. All components should be made from something artificial and not from animals. Being made from animals may have other, more complicated, side effects and may cause infections or viruses due to the contamination of the product. Depending on the animal and the disease it may lead to complications that are severely life threatening or leave the patient needing 24-hour care for the rest of their life.

Besides, those who take such supplements also experience restless sleep with nightmares. Sometimes it causes allergic reactions in people which result to shortness of breath and swollen lips, tongue, and throat. It is essential that one visits his or her physician for a checkup, diagnosis, and treatment.

Another side effect is oversleeping which can happen anytime and at any place at all. Drivers should not take this before driving a car. Those who took this before going to bed also woke up feeling dizzy, sleepy and tired. They also experience sleepwalking which can be dangerous because they may fall or bump into something hard as they walk.

People also tend to become depressed when taking melatonin. It is therefore advisable to stay away from this hormone, especially those who have many problems. Chronic depression may harm a person even more.

How Much Melatonin To Take

Having too much melatonin can make sleeping patterns even worse. People will oversleep and will get used to taking this hormone found in synthetic products. It can prove to be harmful especially when one is driving his car as he will have the tendency to fall asleep. If it is vital to take melatonin, it should be taken at a time that is attuned to the human biological cycle.

Melatonin is not regulated, but it is still imperative to take the right amount of it. It is also best for one to check with a doctor and ask him, how much should you take.

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