Feel Good About Yourself: Part 3: Positive Thinking Builds Self Esteem

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Step 3. Think positive

Positive thinking attracts positive things. It is important that one maintain a positive attitude to radiate a positive aura around him or her. Without positive thinking, boosting one’s self-esteem is impossible because positive thinking builds self esteem.

Positive thinking to build self-esteem is effective and important especially in some of our own down moments in life. Nothing beats or kills confidence more than a person who is always looking down on himself. A person who is always afraid to reach his own full potential will never radiate into the person that he or she is supposed to be.
Without positive thinking, a person is just placing self-doubt on himself which limits the possibilities and the chances that he or she is supposed to be reaching. This hinders one to achieve his full potential as a person because the dark force of negativity always pulls him or her down.

Negativity has ill effects on a person’s being. It is not a healthy exercise and will result in a lot of stress and depression. That is why the term “Think Positive” is used around a lot to boost one’s confidence a notch higher, especially in times of depression and problems. Having feelings of self pity will not work for you and will only put you in more trouble than before. Blaming others will just make matters worse. With positive thinking you will be able to surmount the challenges and obstacles that life throws your way since you have the self esteem to survive anything.

Not everybody takes this phrase seriously but it works for most people. Negativity does you nothing but not so good results. What we think usually will materialize and will happen because we already believe first hand that it will. For example if we view ourselves as worthless then people will view us as such. How we treat ourselves will also be the kind of treatment others will give us.

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. What we believe, we will conceive. Having positive thoughts about life in general will encourage positive things in your life. You start seeing the good side of things. Soon you will realize that you will now crave for things that you have not done before like learning a new craft, going to school, and other things that can contribute much to your self-improvement.

Your feelings and your thoughts will reflect from within. It will show in your overall aura and health. Positivism keeps you more relaxed, grounded and assured. You can say farewell to your negative thoughts and feelings of worry and anxiety. You will now love yourself more and know your self-worth which leads to more positive activities. You will avoid self-destructive habits and focus instead on your future.

Staying positive will also keep you strong amidst tragedies. Sometimes life is filled with ironies and unexpected turn of events, but having a positive attitude will help you get through anything. With positive attitude you are able to keep yourself together and come up with solutions to the problem at hand. Positive thinking breeds strength, presence of mind and strong character.

Check the positive thinking books.

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.Zig Ziglar

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