Feel Good About Yourself: Step 6: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

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Step 6. Stop comparing yourself to others

Each person was created and born into this world with unique features, capacities, and talents. No people are ever alike, not even identical twins. All of us have our strengths and weakness; have various callings in life and other roles that we have to fill in this world. Do not compare yourself to others; that is one thing that can hinder you from doing a lot of great things in the world.

Can you imagine the world when everyone was the same?. Same face, features, profession even DNA? That would be an equally annoying and insane world, don’t you think? I mean would you want to live in the world that has no variety, no choices because everything is the same? That would be a dull, boring and lifeless world.

Envy and jealousy are inherent in every person. It is natural for a person to aim for wealth, power, recognition and other nice things in the world. Sometimes people curse at life and covet things and personalities that other people possess. This is very sad and absurd considering that no two individuals are alike. If all of us were doctors, who will go out to sea to fish, make our clothes and build our houses? If everybody was rich who will do the other jobs that the wealthy detest? If this was the case, then let us brace ourselves to a life of non-productivity. A life filled with a routine where change is not present.

Self-pity is the worst thing you can do, but being egoistical and boastful is also worst. Do not compare yourself to others where you say that you are above everybody else. That is just showing your utter lack of self-discipline and self-worth since you have to announce it to the whole world. In fact, this kind of behavior manifests a lack of self-esteem and acceptance.

Love yourself for who you are and live life to the fullest. Instead of comparison, count your blessings and focus on the most positive stuff that life has to offer you. Happiness, joy, positive attitude and good health is contagious, so share your clear and positive disposition in life by refraining comparing yourself with other people.

Embrace life with a more steady and positive attitude and you will look at life with more hope. With that kind of attitude, your success is instantly assured.

Instead seeing life as a palette of dark, gray and dull colors, see it with vibrant colors by knowing who you are, having a clear mind, and possessing an in-depth inner peace and confidence. Having a healthy mind inevitably promotes good health, and when you have both, you are armed to face life’s trials. Claim happiness and joy as a matter of birthright and strengthen your character as a means of becoming the strength and hope for everyone else. Be an inspiration to the people around you by loving yourself more and letting other people see that you live life to the fullest by not comparing yourself to others.

Step 7: Learn how to accept compliments

accept compliments

Nowadays, people tend to sell themselves short rather than accept a compliment that was given to them. This is not the correct way to take a compliment. If you don’t learn how to accept compliments, then that person might think twice before complimenting you again. Those with low self-esteem are prone to rejecting compliments. They think they are just modest, but this is the wrong way to react to compliment. There are also people with too much self-confidence that they tend to be cocky when accepting a compliment. Continue reading to find out the correct way to accept a compliment.

Know Yourself

To learn the proper way of accepting a compliment, you have to know yourself first. What kind of person are you? Are you a person with low self-esteem or are you overconfident? To accept a comment properly, you must address your low self-esteem or your overconfidence. Also, by knowing yourself, you can detect if a comment is genuine or if it is just a lie. A compliment that is specific usually means that the person who gave it is sincere. For example, if you are complimented about a project you were working on, and you know that you worked very hard on that project; you should accept the compliment because you know you deserve it.

Say Thank You

Most people find it very hard to accept compliments especially if they have low self-esteem. When given a compliment, remember to take a breath and say “Thank you” to the person praising you. Make sure that your “Thank you” is accompanied with a smile so that you can show that it is genuine and that you sincerely appreciate it. It is also not necessary to give a compliment back to the complimenter. You don’t have to exchange compliments like you’re in a market. Just remember that this person gave you a compliment and gave him a compliment yourself when the opportunity comes. It is important to learn how to accept compliments, but it is also important that you know how to give a compliment when the opportunity comes.

Trust Your Instincts

It is important to learn to trust your instincts when you are complimented by another person. Only your instincts can tell you if a person is sincere or not. It only takes your intuition about two seconds to see whether a person really means what he says about you. Nevertheless, you should accept the compliment anyway and keep the wheel rolling. If you think he is not being sincere, just keep your skepticism to yourself and avoid any negative reactions. Factors such as fatigue and stress might cause you to react differently, so be careful that you are not caught guard.

Remember that you can always learn something from each compliment that you receive, regardless if it’s true or not. It means that that person can see something in you and that you can’t see yourself. So just accept the compliment and don’t forget to say “Thank you”. Once you learn how to accept compliments, you’ll learn to respect other people and also develop more self respect.

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