Drinking Water is Important for Weight Loss

water for weight loss

Many people resist drinking a lot of water for a variety of reasons. Some people claim that they just don’t like the taste (or the lack of taste) of water. Others say that they simply enjoy other beverages more: soda, punch, tea, coffee, beer, and so on.

But the fact is that water has no fat, no calories, no carbohydrates, no sugar. Drink plenty of water and you will help yourself lose weight.

Your body is estimated to be made up of about 70 percent water. Your blood and your muscles, your lungs and your brain all contain, and all need a lot of water. Your body needs water to regulate body temperature and to help nutrients travel to all of your organs and tissues. Water transports oxygen to your cells removes waste and protects your joints and organs.

In addition to weight loss help, water-specifically water, not any other beverage helps to keep your body slightly alkaline in its chemistry. This is very important because it’s now known that all cancers are caused by internal inflammation and, that inflammation is sparked and fueled by an acidic internal environment.

Some powerful reasons to drink water:

  • Help with weight loss. Water is called “the universal solvent.” With water in your system, your body more efficiently transports wastes out of the body and more efficiently digests foods. Furthermore, by drinking a lot of water, you feel fuller and thus, you are prevented from over-eating.
  • Energy. Water fuels your body. This only makes sense since you are made up of more water than you are anything else. Also, water breaks down partially into oxygen, and oxygen is the only substance more important than water itself to your body’s function and health. So when you drink plenty of water, you are replenishing the very stuff of which you are made and putting more of the most important substance to your body into your body. Do not wait until you feel thirsty before you drink water; as you age, you become less sensitive to your body’s craving for water. Drink water plain or flavored only with lemon or lime-regularly throughout the day.
  • Healthy skin. Skin becomes brittle and aged primarily through dehydration. For skin to stay youthful and radiant, it needs to be very elastic. Water replenishes that elasticity.
  • Cleansing. Water helps your kidneys, intestines, and colon work more efficiently.
  • 5. Better exercise. Dehydration is a much more serious problem than most people realize. Water enhances activity by giving you flexible joints and tendons and giving you more stamina.


The vast majority of people today are chronically dehydrated. We would have fewer health problems and fewer individuals who are overweight if we simply got back to one of the simplest health tips of all: drink water!

Will Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

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