7 Benefits of High Self Esteem

high self-esteem

Among the benefits of high self esteem is that a person feels good about himself. He is confident with what he can do and sees himself as a person worthy of other people’s respect. Meanwhile, a person with low esteem may feel that their opinions and ideas do not matter and that they don’t deserve other people’s recognition. High self esteem is not only important to children but to adults as well. Self esteem can be developed by personal relationships, individual experiences, and by own thoughts. A well-developed self esteem promotes mental stability, assertiveness, and more.

Some of the factors that affect the development of self-esteem are:

  1. Your position in the society
  2. How other’s see you
  3. Your religion
  4. How the way you think and your perception of others
  5. Your culture
  6. Your experience in school or work
  7. Illness or disability

The relationship you have with the people closest to you like your parents, siblings, friends at school and work has the most influence in the development of your self esteem. Positive reception and feedback from these people develop your self-esteem.

Among the factors that affect the development of your self esteem, your thoughts and perception are the only thing that you can control. Refrain from negativity and always think about the positive.

Here are the signs of people who have low self esteem:

  • Always talks negatively to himself. Read more on how self-talk influences our self esteem
  • Always thinking about their weaknesses and flaws
  • Always require reassurance from others but still feels insecure
  • Have difficulty accepting positive feedback
  • Always afraid of failure. Need help check Overcome Failure The dealing with failure Hypnosis Script from was prepared to help anyone who feels they are struggling with a particular failure.It highlights the important role that the experience of failure can play in our lives, and points out an unexpected benefit of failure.
  • Has difficulty in handling stressful situations. Need help? check Stress Management
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A high self esteem can make you a better person. If you value all the positive things about yourself, you will be able to establish positive relationships with other people. You will also be able to perform well in all the things that you do whether at home, in school, or at work. Aside from that you will also be able to learn things much easily because you are able to process feedback, negative or positive, and use it to develop yourself.

7 Benefits of High self esteem :

  1. You don’t waste your time thinking about the things that you can’t do but think more on the things that you can do to better your situation.
  2. You can freely express your needs and ideas.
  3. You have confidence that you can make right decisions.
  4. You can establish and maintain healthy relationships with others.
  5. You are less critical of yourself and to others.
  6. You can handle stressful situation and can adapt well to unfamiliar circumstances.
  7. You are not prone to develop mental health conditions.


Self esteem can affect all aspects of your life that is why it is important that you start building your self esteem. It is never too late for anything, now is always the right time to start.

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