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Emotional Freedom Techniques

To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives. Denis Waitley

Do You Struggle with Low Self Esteem ?.  EFT Tapping Can Help

If when you were a child your parents or caretakers did not consistently appreciate or acknowledge you, there is a chance that you grew up with low self-esteem and a negative.

To make improvements in your self-esteem, it is important to identify the negative memories and events that have contributed to your low self-worth. But, let me explain first what is Emotional Freedom Techniques.

What is EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is like acupuncture. Instead of using needles, you stimulate the energy meridian points by tapping them with your fingertips. According to Gary Craig, the process is easy for you to memorize and is portable so you can do it anywhere.

Emotional Freedom Techniques concept was developed in the US in the 1990’s by Gary Craig. Is a simplification and improvement of Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the insertion of a surgical needle into specific points on the body. Meridians are channels that are mapped out along the surface of the body. These channels are the interface that connects the mind, emotions and body together.
Of course, to believe in this theory, we have to believe that we are not only a body, but we are energy as well. EFT Discovery statements says:

“The cause of all your negative emotions is disruption in your body’s energy system”

Have you ever notice that when you have an emotion this is reflected in your body? For example is you get upset, this will be reflected as tension, headache or stomach ache. If you are happy, you have a lot of energy.

How do Emotional Freedom Techniques work

By stimulating certain acupressure points, the person is asked to tune to the physical pain, or unpleasant emotion and then this points are tapped. This will allow the person to release this emotion, or pain that in reality is a release of the energy that is trapped.

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I have been using EFT since 2004 with great results, and I received the EFT-CC ( Basic EFT Certificate of Completion). The Cd’s and EFT courses had helped me a lot in learning the process and through trial and error, I found that I could quickly tap on everything and get immediate results. I have also found that is important being specific; however, sometimes we do not have the time to seat down and ask ourselves questions.

I have been finding time to myself to ask the questions because if we do not go deep, we may find ourselves stuck in a problem without finding the result we would like to. I like to share what I do to get to the core of the problems. I get up in the morning and I right down my inner dialogue, then I divide this dialogue into sentences and write beside it the beliefs that had lead me into it. For example:

  • Mary seems to be uncomfortable with me, and she does not know how to approach me.
  • Belief: I am responsible for other people’s feelings; I have to save the world

I start to tap on the belief until I reach 0 and then on the sentence. While we are tapping on the belief things may come out. Gary Gray calls this the different trees of the forest, so you keep tapping until you get to the core of the issue.

In my case, many trees came out until I got to core issue: My mother told me that I was responsible for her feelings and that I have to save her.

I am fascinated with this process because in doing this we not only free ourselves from the pain, but we also start to understand how we are creating our experiences day by day.

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EFT for Self Esteem

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Self-acceptance

Building self esteem is an internal process and the first step is self acceptance. Now I would like to give you a tapping so that you can create more self acceptance. Remember that building self esteem is a process , this is just the beginning.

Faster EFT

Your Esteeming Self – NLP EFT Robert Smith

Get The EFT Manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Faster EFT

Faster EFTFasterEFT is a technique developed by Robert G. Smith after many years of studying and working with thousands of people. It is a collection of new cutting-edge processes that integrates the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding, science and the mind’s great ability to transform itself.

The tapping points of fasterEFT

• All sadness
• All fears
All emotional traumas
All the anger
• Resentment Guilt
• Judgement
• Abandonment
• Betrayals , Helplessness, Hopelessness , Feelings of no control , Rejections , Shame , Secrets and anything else that supports this.
Let it all go. It’s safe to let it go”.

EFT Self Esteem

Get a 0 – 10 “I don’t love myself” – 0 = not true at all and 10 = very true.

Tapping in the Karate Chop

Even though I do not love myself, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself and choose to be open to the possibility to start loving myself
Even though part of me believes the safest way to be is not loving myself, I deeply and completely accept myself and choose to believe it is safe for me to love myself
Even though part of me believes that I am not worthy, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself

EFT Statements

Part of me believes
I am not worthy
And I don’t know why
Part of me believes
I can’t love myself
Part of me believes
It is not safe for me to love myself
I don’t know why

There are many reasons
Why I believe I can’t love myself
I am afraid I will appear arrogant to others if I love myself
I have confused self-love with arrogance
I am so confused
I received so many negative messages about myself
I am not good enough
I am not worth it

I have to be perfect
I am too fat
I am ugly
and even though I learned this beliefs somewhere in my childhood
Do they have to be true?
What if they are wrong?
but, I wasn’t taught how to love myself
how do I love myself?

maybe I can start by accepting myself
I accept my self here and now
I accept my feelings
I accept my pain
I accept my life as it is now
I am open to the possibility of loving myself as I am
it feels good to feel love toward myself
every day in every way I a m loving myself more and more

every day in every way I am accepting myself for who I am
I love myself;therefore, I take care of my body.
I love myself; therefore I take care of my mind,
I love myself; therefore I take care of my spirit,
I love myself; therefore, I only attract loving people in my world,
for they are a mirror of what I am.
I love myself; therefore I forgive and totally release
the past and all past experiences and I am free.

Take a deep breath. Check your 0-10 level; “I don’t love myself”. How true does it feel now? (0 = not true at all and 10 = very true). Compare this to your initial level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This EFT Script is very general and has been designed to offer some relief.Low self-esteem issues can be quite complex.

Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools …. as it is for me.- Eric Robins, MD .

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