Self Esteem Test 15 Questions

self esteem test

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I designed this self esteem test  to check your level of self-esteem. Examine the following statements and indicate if they are true or false. After finishing the self-esteem test , check your score and find the recommendation. This test is only an orientation is not a diagnosis for your self-esteem. If you think you are going through a difficult situation, I would suggest you contact your Doctor.

Answer all the questions to get a picture of yourself. This is an assessment to help you to discover your self-esteem level. There are no right or wrong answers. If the answer is neither True nor False, answer False. Once you have finished, read your results.

Score the following with: 1 = true; 2 = false

1. I don’t feel inadequate when I handle new situations


2. I accept criticism without getting upset


3. I accept myself unconditionally


4. I don’t exaggerate , pretend or lie


5. I am not afraid to express my feelings


6. I don’t’ feel resentful when I lose


7. I don’t worry about what other’s think about me


8. I don’t feel a victim.


9. I accept my body as it is


10. I don’t need other’s people opinion to feel good about myself


11. I can stand up for myself without being aggressive


12. I don’t feel like a failure


14. I have a good relationship with other people, I have no fear of abandonment


15. I don’t envy other’s people success


Test results

Total Score: 15 = Excellent.. Congratulations!. You have a deep sense of worth, self-respect and live a balanced life.

Total Score: 10 to 14 = Good, you can improve. You are on the right path. Keep it up.

Total Score 5 to 9 = Need for improvement. You have a tendency toward self-criticism and to put yourself down. You are afraid to take risks and make mistakes. You lack confidence. Try 10 steps to Solid Self-Esteem download. Or check the Self-esteem Techniques

Total Score less than 4  = Extremely poor. You are too much concern on other people’s opinions, and you may lack assertiveness. Your tendency is to ignore your needs because you want to please others. You might have self-destructive habits. You lack confidence. Hide true feelings and have problems establishing intimacy in relationships.

If you scored low (score 5 to 9) or extremely poor (score less than 4)  what next?

1)  Check Start Here : You will find information on how to get started with low self-esteem to start making progress towards your goals

2) Read Feel good about yourself in 9 easy steps

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