4 Reasons Keeping a Gratitude Journal Will Change Your Life

gratitude journal

Are you aware that research indicates a staggering 80% of individuals embracing gratitude experience a surge in happiness? It’s truly remarkable how a simple act of recognizing the positives in one’s existence can profoundly shift one’s emotional state.

When you take a moment to ponder upon the minor joys and show appreciation, you’re not merely elevating your spirits; you’re establishing the foundation for a more satisfying life. Yet, what mechanisms allow gratitude to wield such influence, and what are its broader effects on our psychological well-being and interpersonal connections?


This word is a fundamental part of many religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism among others, but what are its meaning and importance? It is a feeling of recognition of a benefit or favor that has been received or expected to be received.

At its essence, gratitude entails acknowledging and valuing the positives in our lives, which nurtures feelings of happiness and connectedness. You might often neglect the mundane joys—such as a spontaneous smile from an unfamiliar face or the solace found within your own dwelling. Yet, recognizing these instances can profoundly alter your viewpoint towards a more optimistic and satisfying perspective. Actively appreciating the benevolence and largesse bestowed upon you, or simply the splendor in your everyday encounters, transcends mere courtesy.

 Why is being grateful important?


Cultivating a sense of thankfulness in your everyday experiences can profoundly uplift your psychological state, diminishing anxiety levels and elevating joy. Concentrating on life’s positives transcends mere optimism; it’s an act underpinned by scientific studies confirming its beneficial impact on your overall happiness. Acknowledging and appreciating the good around you cultivates a deep sense of satisfaction scarcely found elsewhere.

Research indicates that gratitude extends beyond merely enhancing your mood; it brings concrete advantages. Engaging in activities like maintaining a gratitude diary or penning appreciation letters bolsters resilience amidst adversity and enriches interpersonal connections. It involves appreciating received kindness and finding beauty in your surroundings, fostering positive emotions and a more joyful existence.

Adopting a mindset of gratitude is also associated with superior physical health outcomes. It contributes to better sleep patterns and may diminish depressive symptoms. Individuals committed to a grateful outlook often perceive their lives more positively, reveling in higher satisfaction. This subtle alteration in viewpoint can catalyze significant improvements in mental and physical well-being.

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Not only the words have power, but the content of the thoughts too, which somehow marks the decisions and situations in which you are involved. For example, if you tend to be pessimistic and have constant self-criticism, negative things will likely happen to you, such as failures in your work or problems with people close to you and important to you.

Gratitude goes beyond the simple act of thanking, it is a quality that takes you away from fear, limitations and allows you to achieve joy and happiness. Being grateful allows you to accept the different situations that may arise throughout life from the perspective of learning of acceptance because if there is something true, it is that both the moments of extreme happiness and the most difficult and sad times mark life, the thanks allow to receive these experiences, take the good and improve as people(1)

What is a gratitude journal?

Without a doubt, there is always something to be thankful for, and it is not about great achievements; just to thank for one more day on earth or one more day of good health is a sufficient reason, a gratitude journal is the record that allows to capture all those events, emotions and feelings that you thank, when you write them you connect not only with gratitude but with feelings of well-being, not only that, a gratitude journal allows you to remember in bad times, all the good things that you have and have had in your life, this allows you to focus on a solution or console yourself if you are in a moment of affliction.

4 Reasons Why Keeping a Gratitude Journal Will Change Your Life:

The benefits of a gratitude journal are usually immediate and increase as the practice becomes a habit. A grateful person is a happy person, and just as happiness is more a mental state than a physical state, gratitude comes from your inside, but its effects on you are projected outside.

  1. Increase positivity

Positivity is not a happy attitude to any event that happens, as bad as it may be. It is not about that, optimism in addition to providing well-being and happiness, it allows you to develop assertiveness when it comes to resolving conflicts and expressing your opinions, Positive people are linked to success, and that happens because they see opportunities as a tool to learn, and failure is simply stopping the path to achieve their goals. Being positive allows you to take the good of situations and learn from the bad. (2)

  1. Improve your self-esteem
self esteem

Being aware of the things received, makes you feel deserved, valuable, that increases your self-esteem and your security, it is difficult to lose track of how fortunate I know is if you are not listed, for example, the many things for which you are grateful. Gratitude makes you feel satisfied with yourself and your achievements, so comparisons with others are reduced.

  1. It helps you sleep better
sleep better

Usually, a gratitude journal is filled during the night, before bedtime, this allows an analysis and summary of the day, although there are days when bad things can be quite overwhelming, look for the positive, something for which thanking, however small, that provides peace of mind, people who make thank-you diaries tend to sleep more and better, as well as fall asleep quickly.

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     4.  It helps you focus on what matters


Optimism improves your attitude towards life, allows you to develop a quality called resilience, known as the ability to overcome adverse situations, particularly traumatic, in the best way. Gratitude opens thinking to new opportunities, allows you to take charge of what happens in your life and how it happens.

What is the purpose of a gratitude journal?

The answer is simple: Improve your life, if you thank more, you will live longer and better, gratitude decreases the onset of diseases physical and mental stress and brings you closer to a healthier and friendlier life with you and your environment, a thank you journal is very personal and powerful, the general benefits are received by all those who decide to incorporate it into their life, but personal benefits, mark the life of the person, many claims that it is a transformative process, and that is true, changing the way you look and interpret the world and its experiences is as liberating as it is educational.

A gratitude journal only seeks the well-being and self-knowledge of each person, writing not only allows you to thank but through that action, you can relive the positive emotions that caused you that action or situation for which you are grateful, it is a complete win-to-win

How to start a gratitude journal?

Look for a notebook or block of notes, you can customize it to your liking, and buy one in bookstores, where many come with phrases and messages on each page.

The time to write is chosen by you; it can be in the morning to start the day in a good way or at night to close your day, and you can analyze the events that happened.

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What should you write? Nothing is insignificant; everything that is relevant to you, no matter how daily it is, such as enjoying your favorite tea while a song you like sounded on the radio, or if you felt particularly beautiful today, everything is important.

Do not force yourself, for writing, it is very easy, and in the beginning, it can be very simple, but for those who are not very given to that, it can be overwhelming, so start with little, with what comes to you at the moment, little by Little more things will emerge.

Your talents and material achievements are worthy of thanks, thank you for getting your job or buying those shoes you wanted so badly, you tried hard for it.

This gratitude journal will help you to focus on being thankful . Each day contains a space to write 3 things you are thankful for . Every week contains an inspirational quote about gratitude and a space to write your reflection on the week.  A journal can be started on any day of the year so why not start one today?


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