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Hey, I’m Carla  , founder of Self Esteem Awareness.  If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, you’re in the right place. The purpose of this site is to share with you everything I’ve learned that has helped improve my self-esteem and improve my quality of life. This page contains the very best information you need to get up to speed quickly and progress toward your goals!

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How To Get Started With Low Self-Esteem

I’ve provided a list of my posts to help you start making progress immediately.

  1. Take The Self Esteem Test
  2. The importance of self esteem – 12 reasons why is so important
  3. What is self esteem?
  4. Low Self-esteem Symptoms
  5. 25 Low Self-esteem Characteristics
  6. Low self-esteem affects – the negative impact in your personal life
  7. Techniques for building self-esteem
  8. How the Enneagram can help you raise your self-esteem (Personality Types)
  9. Emotional Health and self esteem
  10. Overcoming Jealousy
  11. How to love yourself

How To Get Started With Low Self-Confidence

  1. 4 self-confidence tips
  2. People pleaser. Why do people keep walking over me
  3. I am never good enough for anyone
  4. 5 Steps to Boost your Self-Confidence
  5. Top 9 Ways to Develop Self Confidence
  6. 3 Tips to increase assertiveness
  7. Fear of failure
  8. Handling fear of rejection
  9. Overcoming shyness tips
  10. How to boost Self Confidence with Positive Self-Talk
  11. Insecurity issues
  12. Hypnosis for Confidence and Self Esteem

Need Some Extra Motivation?

If you need some extra motivation, then these posts will help give you that boost.

  1. Inspirational quotes
  2. Inspirations Self-esteem Posters
  3. Self-esteem videos

How to get started with mental health

  1. How Bullying Leads to Depression
  2. Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication
  3. Home Remedies for Insomnia
  4. Facing Depression
  5. Emotional Wellness
  6. Eating Disorders and Self-esteem.
  7. Addictions
  8. Anger problems


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  3. Self help books
  4. Self-esteem gifts

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