Self esteem Techniques

self esteem techniques

These are Self Esteem Techniques that I personally use. They will help you to make you feel good, increase your self esteem and balance your emotional well being. Use any of these Self-Esteem Techniques to enhance your worth and live with happiness and joy .

Is all about valuing yourself. How is your relationship with yourself?. That relationship determines everything about your life. Every problem that you have, it might be relationships, health or money, is caused by inadequate worth. Few people are conscious of this impact , find out how to improve your sense of worth now!.

I have gathered these recommended techniques resources that can be of your interest. If you are looking to feel good about yourself this is the right place. Just choose a technique that is best for you and start practicing. The key is persistence. Keep checking this page more self esteem techniques will be added.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom TecniquesEmotional Freedom Techniques – EFT.
Your self-esteem was influenced by the reactions you obtained from others early in life, especially your family and authority figures.
You then internalized those reactions that are part of your inner dialog.

If what you say to yourself is mostly of blame, disappointment , anxiety etc. your self esteem is low. To improve your self esteem involves changing those emotions and installing new positive ones.

The cause of all your negative emotions is disruption in your body’s energy system, this is the core of these techniques.Emotional Freedom Techniques a – EFT are like acupuncture without the use of needles. Release these emotions in minutes and start building self esteem and confidence. Watch my video to start practicing acceptance.Click Here To Find Out More…

The Enneagram

Enneagram and self esteem

The Enneagram is a tool that will Help you know yourself better and raise your self-esteem . The Enneagram reveals that all people belong to one of the nine personality types, and  It helps to identify strengths and weakness and the strategies that each personality type uses to protect itself.

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The Enneagram is like a roadmap to address the particular challenges of the personality types; it reveals the hidden beliefs that are holding each type from finding love, advance in your career and any other areas of your life.  It will help you to uncover your deepest fears and motives.

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Self-Hypnosis Techniques

Self Hypnosis to improve Self-Esteem and Confidence

Self Hypnosis DownloadsHypnosis Techniques have nothing to do with the hypnosis you see in shows where people are put to sleep and somebody take control of their will and mind. Hypnosis Techniques are about replacing negative emotions with positive emotions, by changing your thoughts and feelings you can start building self esteem and confidence.

After a few sessions you may find that you are feeling better about yourself. More objective about your qualities, even more confident in your abilities.Click Here To Find Out More…

Self Confidence Trainer

Self Confidence Trainer CD
Self Confidence Trainer uses a proven and tested approach to give you a confidence trigger, which can build your self-confidence almost instantly.

It will enable you to think like a confident person with perspective changers like:

Why not compare yourself to others.
How people come across as confident even when they don’t feel that way.
The four strongest techniques of confident people.
The biggest mistake most self-help programs make about self-confidence and self esteem.
How to overcome social phobias without drugs.
Know how to weaken that negative inner voice immediately .

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Other Self Esteem Techniques

Aromatherapy for Self-esteem

AromatherapyAromatherapy is the way of using natural and essential oils that were extracted from bark, flowers, roots, stems, leaves and other parts of the plants to enhance your physical and psychological well being.

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Once the aroma is inhaled from the essential oils, it helps to stimulate your brain’s function. These essential oils can also be used through skin application that will pass through the bloodstream and can encourage body healing. Benefits of using aromatherapy are: it helps to relax, enhances mood, provides relief from stress, anxiety, fear, anger and depression; increases assertiveness and increases confidence and esteem.
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Herbal Remedies

Herbal RemediesHerbal Remedies will help with the symptoms of low self esteem.

Herbal remedies can contribute to building self esteem. Herbal remedies help to deal with depression, fatigue and anxiety. If you lack confidence in your abilities, are afraid to try anything because you think you would fail start taking care yourself. Herbal remedies and self esteem may seem like an odd pair to a lot of people , but not to those who know the ways of nature. There are a lot of herbal remedies that can help with the symptoms of low self esteem.

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Pamper Yourself Techniques

Pampering techniques are essential for building self esteem and confidence. To improve self esteem requires that you take good care of yourself. Pampering is necessary.

Take care of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Taking time to care for yourself reminds you that you and your needs are important.

People who neglect their own needs and forget to nurture themselves are in danger to suffer unhappiness, low esteem and feelings of resentment. Pampering techniques with aroma therapy
, bath , relaxation, exercise and fitness and diet and Weight control. Click Here To Find Out More…

Affirmations Techniques

Self Esteem AffirmationsAffirmations Techniques are really powerful tools for transforming how people feel and think about themselves.

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The reason why positive affirmations are useful , if we practice them right, is that people change a thought pattern. Because affirmations actually reprogram your thought patterns, they modify the way you think and feel about things and positive change comes quickly and naturally.

Positive affirmations techniques , have to be used consistently in order to change the negative patterns. Learn the most efficient way to use positive affirmations and different ways to use them.

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Meditation Techniques

Meditation for self esteemMeditation Techniques. According to Thubten Chodron,and American Tibetan Buddhist nun, meditation help us understand ourselves and become our own friends.Being alone without feeling lonely; Our tendency to put ourselves down, making comparisons with others, feeling envy and lacking in confidence.Meditation also:
– Decreases respiratory rate,
– Increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
– Leads to a deeper level of relaxation
– Reduces anxiety attacks .

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Ho’ oponopono

Ho' oponoponoHo oponopono. When we experience stress or fear in our lives, if we would look carefully, we would conclude that the cause is actually a memory from the past. It is the emotions which are tied to these memories which affect us now. The subconscious associates an action or person in the present with something that happened in the past. The primary purpose of this process is to discover the Divinity within oneself and cancel the negative emotions. As Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len says:

We’re either killing ourselves or nurturing.

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“One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes, another for 30 days, but it is the man who has it for 30 years who makes a success of his life. Edward B. Buttler.The future depends on what we do in the present. Mahatma Gandhi”

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