How The Enneagram Can Help You Raise Your Self esteem


The Enneagram is a tool that will Help you know yourself better and raise your self esteem . The Enneagram reveals that all people belong to one of the nine personality types, and  It helps to identify strengths and weakness and the strategies that each personality type uses to protect itself.

The Enneagram is like a roadmap to address the particular challenges of the personality types; it reveals the hidden beliefs that are holding each type from finding love, advance in your career and any other areas of your life.  It will help you to uncover your deepest fears and motives.

What is your personality?

Your personality is a collection of conditioned reactions that you had learned when you were a child interacting with others. When you were a child, you had to defend yourself no to suffer and to do that you develop defense mechanisms to avoid pain. Therefore  your ego learned feelings, thoughts, and actions and choose behaviors that in the present keep interfering with your relationships(yourself and others)

The primary goal of the Enneagram is to end this automatic reaction of your character making them conscious.  The more aware you become of your automatic responses, the less you will identify with them, and you will have more freedom.

If you suffer from low self esteem, you tend to have a negative evaluation of yourself.  In general, you might find yourself in a situation and you take this experience personally and react in a self-defeating manner.  You might feel upset or emotionally blocked.

With the help of the Enneagram, you can become aware of this automatic reaction and start boosting your self esteem.  In her book Personality Types: The Essential Enneagram Guide Made Easy To Understand The 9 Personality Types: Improve Self-Esteem And Understand Your Relationship With Money, Katey Lyon  in the chapter of her books that talks about “Exercises To Improve Self Esteem And Money For The 9 Personality Types says, for example, talking about the basic personality type one:

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Enneagram Basic Personality Type One

EneagramLow self-esteem signs:

  • Critical of themselves and others.
  • Good boy, good girl.
  • Judge against standards of right and wrong
  • Anger for a righteous cause (the need to be perfect)
  • Fear of being wrong, defective, evil or corrupt

 She then gives you ideas on how to raise your self-esteem. Therefore, the Enneagram is like a map you can use to discover the hidden things that keep you stuck repeating the same patterns in your life. Some important reasons why understanding your Enneagram type is so helpful are:

  • When you know yourself more, you develop more self-love
  • You become aware of your personality blind spots
  • Knowing your personality parts that inhibit your ability to live a more harmonious life will allow you to work on them

To wrap it up. So far you have might found may ways you can boost your self-esteem and many of them you can find them in the post that talks about self-esteem techniques. This is one of them. Knowing yourself and becoming aware of what is holding you back you will be able to transform your life and increase your self-esteem.  The Enneagram will help you to overcome you self-sabotage behavior once and for all.

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