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Aromatherapy and Self-Esteem: What is the Relation?

Aromatherapy is the way of using natural and essential oils that were extracted from bark, flowers, roots, stems, leaves and other parts of the plants to enhance your physical and psychological well-being.

Once the aroma is inhaled from the essential oils, it helps to stimulate your brain’s function. These essential oils can also be used through skin application that will pass through the bloodstream and can encourage body healing.
Benefits of using aromatherapy are: it helps to relax, enhances mood, provides relief from stress, anxiety, fear, anger and; you increase assertiveness and increases confidence and esteem.

It is believed that the more you feel good about yourself, the more you will succeed in all the aspects of your life. However, there are instances that your esteem or self-image is too low. Thus, it will become the root of different issues such as you get angry easily, you are unhappy, you experience panic attacks, have addictive behaviors, depression and relationship problems.

Most of the time low self-esteem can be traced back to as early as during your childhood days. For instance, your caregivers lack encouragement, lack recon; you were bullied by the people around you or even worst, abandoned by your parents. Once low self-esteem is developed, everything else follows. You fear and feel anxious in everything. The result of this is you have a negative perspective on life and have torn relationships.
One way to address low self-esteem is to indulge yourself with aromatherapy. Aromatherapy and self esteem has a close relation. Below are sample aromatic blends that can help boost your energy and esteem. This aromatherapy for self esteem blends will help uplift your spirit, give you the playfulness of a child and will enhance good moods.

Loving yourself [1]

Place de essential oils on the Essential Oil Diffuser:

Precious Essential Oil Blend 15 ml Aromatherapy Support for Self-esteem & Self Love. Blend developed by a naturopath helps to clear emotional patterns of not feeling valued or important. Enhances self-love, confidence, and self-worth.

Frankincense Pure Essential Oil 30 ml / 1 oz. for Spiritual Healing & Increasing Self-Esteem & Personal Power
Self-Esteem Therapeutic Blend of 100 % Essential Oil 4 ml. This blends enhances self-esteem and promotes confidence and acceptance.

Restful Sleep [2]

If you are stressed, it is difficult to get a good night sleep, and if you don’t get a good night rest, you will develop more stress.
Place the essential oils on the Essential Oil Diffuser:

  • Tangerine 50% (promotes restful sleep)
  • Marjoram 30% (calming, promotes restful sleep)
  • Basil (sweet) 10% (calming)
  • Allspice- Pimento berry 10% (calming, reduces stress)

Stress reduction [3]

  • Cypress 30% (reduces stress and nervous tension)
  • Spruce 30% (calming)
  • Mandarin 30% ( relieves stress and tension)
  • Hyssop Decumbens 10% (calming)

The brief article above proves that there is a close relation between aromatherapy and self esteem. Your self-image and self-esteem will be enhanced with the help of aromatherapy.



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