10 Signs of High Self esteem

high self esteem

Having a high self esteem benefits your quality of life and your health. Why?. Because it allows you to have a different perception about yourself and your circumstances.

You will have the capacity to view your problems with a positive attitude. Your relationships with others will improve because you will be more assertive and solve conflicts with a different and more positive attitude.

  1. You are capable to act more assertive without any guilt. Communication with other people is easy and natural.
  2. You don’t spend too much time dwelling on the past. You live in the present moment doing the best you can. The past is gone and you know that you cannot do anything about it.
  3. You are equal to everyone. You know that nobody is better or worst than you. You poses the ability to recognize the difference in others, like specific talents.
  4. You do not allow others to manipulate you. Because you know how to be assertive you can easily handle this situations with a different attitude.
  5. You recognize and accept a variety of feelings, positive or negative, and you share them with another person if you think it is healthy for the relationship.
  6. You enjoy different activities like work, play, walk, relax, etc. Balance is important.
  7. You accept challenges and take risks in order to grow. Because you accept yourself as you are, you are aware that you are not perfect. Is something goes wrong you learn from it.
  8. You handle criticism easily without taking it personally. You know that you are learning and growing and are mostly independent of the good and bad opinions of others. Because of this you can discern when criticism is a feedback that is going to help you or is going to drawn you down.
  9. You value yourself and you communicate better with other people. You are not afraid to express your feelings, likes and dislikes.
  10. You value and accept other people as they are, meaning that you don’t try to change them.
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These are 10 signs of high self esteem . Pick one or many as you like and think different ways you can apply them.
Let’s say that you choose: You do not allow others to manipulate you. Because you know how to be assertive you can easily handle this situation with a different attitude.

Then you ask yourself: How can I be more assertive when people try to manipulate me?. Think about circumstances in the past were you were not able to be assertive.

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For example:
Some people make you feel guilty. Guilt is an excellent tactic for them to get what they want. They might say to you something like: “If you really cared about me, you’d…”.
Think of the ways you can stop this manipulation by being more assertive. For example, you could say to them: Are you trying to make me feel guilty?. And see what happens….

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