Feel Good About Yourself: Step 8: Stop Putting Yourself Down

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Step 8. Stop Putting Yourself Down

Sometimes, your worst enemy is yourself. When you do something stupid, and you can’t forgive yourself, you can’t stop putting yourself down. This is not the way you should act when you commit a mistake. What you need to do is to stop putting yourself down. If you are putting yourself down because of a mistake, you made, stop and think about the good things that came out of this error. It may be difficult at first, but keep doing it and you will surely find a lot of positive things.

Some of the positive things that you could think of when you made a mistake are:

  • I learned something new because of this error.
  • I have gained a new skill.
  • If that situation happens again, I will know how to handle it.
  • I learned more about myself.

There are many more positive things that you could think of. Instead of putting yourself down, focus on the positive outcomes of that situation. Make sure to write down everything positive you can think of. Writing can help you feel better because you are releasing your feelings by writing about them. Also, writing will help you remember what you have learned. Even the worst events can turn out to be positive turning points in your life. Sometimes you might realize that you wouldn’t be in this wonderful place if that horrible thing didn’t happen. You may also realize that you became a wiser and stronger person because you have gone through it.

You should also remember that you are a human being and that it is normal to make mistakes. You should not put yourself down for making mistakes because that’s a part of life. You learn new things by making mistakes.

So stop being depressed and just enjoy the learning process. However, be aware of what you say to yourself when you’re learning new things. Avoid telling yourself that you’re “too clumsy” or “too slow” because that is also a way of putting yourself down. Instead, say something like, “I’m getting fast at learning this” or “I’ve improved a lot since I first started.”

You should react positively no matter what happens. Remind yourself that you did your best in that situation and you learned something from that situation that will help you in the future. Telling yourself that you did your best will help you forgive yourself.

Also, you must not let your regrets stop you from moving forward in your life. Putting yourself down will not help you move on with your life. It is normal to replay an event over and over in your mind. Your brain is just trying to figure out what went wrong and why it happened.

You must force yourself to stop replaying a horrible event in your mind or else you will not be able to move on. That event is in the past, and you can’t do anything about it. So just forgive yourself, be happy, and move on with your life. Stop putting yourself down.

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