Low self esteem and anxiety

anxiety and low self esteem

Those who suffer from low self-esteem experience fear and anxiety. They are extremely anxious and lack confidence.
Low self esteem and anxiety are interrelated. Fear and anxiety are one of the symptoms of low self esteem. The difference between fear and anxiety is that with fear, you can identify the source of your emotion whereas with anxiety the source is unidentifiable.

To better differentiate the two, you must familiarize with each of their characteristics.

Fear characteristics

  • Include fear of something that might happen in the future.
  • Fear of losing something or someone, and it is only present when there is a desire. The more you are attached to someone or something, the more you feel losing it or them.

However, do recognize that fear is only an emotion and not the actual event itself. When you recognize this, you will be able to conquer it and provide yourself relief.

Anxiety characteristics

  • Cognitive symptoms of anxiety include an increase in vital signs, such as blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing rate.
  • Somatic symptoms of anxiety include paling, trembling, sweating, and similar reactions.
  • Symptoms of anxiety dread, nausea, irritation, feeling of threat.

People with low self esteem live with constant fears and are extreme anxiety. They lack confidence, are defensive. They usually suffer fear and anxiety because they anticipate disapproval, failure, criticism, and rejection.
There are many reasons why fear and anxiety always rises in any individual, no matter how strong or prepared you may be. Some of these reasons can be related to past experiences.

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You may have experienced a loss or a terrifying situation in the past and every time you are reminded of it, the feelings come rushing back. Fear and anxiety may also arise because of a lack of certain ability. When you know you cannot perform a certain task that needs to be accomplished; the feelings will come rushing in. The feelings may also arise because of an inability to tolerate uncertainty. To feel secure, you have to know what’s going to happen next, if not, the feelings will come rushing in.

How to let go of fear and anxiety – The two steps – resources that can help you

  • Be aware of what causes the fear and anxiety in you. Once you identify the cause, try to control your emotions by breathing deeply. Allow yourself to be calm. Try not to fight against the symptoms that the feelings are causing you. Learn some helpful relaxation techniques whenever you encounter anything that might bring about the feelings. Some of these techniques include guided imagery, deep breathing, and meditation. Try Breathe Easy CD.
  • Be kind to yourself. Never pressure yourself to conquer the feeling, instead, try to understand them. If you are harsh to yourself, try changing your inner talk into that of being encouraging and peaceful.The Soul of Healing Affirmations A-Z. This CD contains twenty-six simple affirmations Created exclusively by Deepak Chopra.

Boost your self-esteem and picture a positive image of yourself. Equip yourself with the necessary techniques to conquer the overwhelming feelings. This way, when you encounter fear and anxiety later on in your life, you have the confidence to conquer it.

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