Losing Weight by Building Self-Esteem

self esteem and weight loss

Why is weight connected con low self-esteem issues?. The healthier the self-esteem a person has, the better is to make healthy food choices and live a better lifestyle.

Self esteem is the capacity to experience ourselves in a different way that includes to love and nurture are being. People with low self-esteem are pessimistic and because they feel unworthy of good thing they usually fall into : why bother…. They do not respect their health nor their body.

One of the best ways to get out of the low self esteem trap is to start taking care of the body. This trap a vicious cycle: we feel about ourselves, we do not take of the body, we do not dress well, we do not get the hair cut and so on.
If you are overweight, start losing weight by building your self esteem. Losing weight will not only to look better and feel good about yourself but it will also help you to become healthier.

According to Medicine Web extra fat can hurt your heart, trigger diabetes, ruin your sleep and create a lot of problems in your lower body. (back problems, fragile bones, etc).

Start making healthier choices, the following steps can help you in your path:

  • Take small steps every day. You will not build your self-esteem in one hour. Do something that makes you feel good: do what you promise that you were going to do, hold the door open for someone else, give somebody a surprise gift, send somebody an inspirational quote.
  • Move out of your comfort zone. If you feel depress and want to stay in bed all day, push harder. Get up, be grateful for what you have, take a shower, and go out for a good walk.
  • Start making affirmations. You do not have to write them all the time or make no sense with them. Be mindful during the day and every time your inner critic say something negative like: I am just too fat. Say thank you for sharing and say to yourself: I am fit and healthy.
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Always the key is to take action. It does not matter if you lose 1 pound a months, the important thing here is that you find yourself aware that you are in the process. Be patient, and remember always to take small steps. Your weight will come off gradually and you will feel really good and proud about yourself.

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