How We Feel about Ourselves Affects How We See the World

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how we feel about ourselves is the way we see the world

Living in this world is a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes we experience positive things while at times, we experience negative things. In whatever way we view it, we all experience the same things. However, some people are simply born lucky as they seem to experience all the pleasurable things but for the unfortunate ones, they almost always feel disappointed, depressed and unlucky. Hence, some view the world as cruel.

No matter how some people think that everyone is equal, it is not really the case to some. People have different experiences and people have diverse perspectives in life despite living in the same world. That is how life is.

Some people experience unpleasant things that may seem unimaginable but nevertheless, it still happens. But why do some people still feel happy despite all the hardships and disappointment? While some people feel rather depressed and frustrated in experiencing the same? Life can be a blur sometimes that is why people ponder over so many questions everyday.

With all these, people really have different emotions and they express these feelings differently as well. Despite living in the same world, people view themselves differently. Thus, affecting how they view the world as well. Naturally, when a person views himself as a pessimist, a depressed person or a worthless person, he would also feel the same way toward the people around him and his environment because what we feel deep inside us definitely affects our overall point of view and sense in this world; hence, the belief that how we feel about ourselves affects how we see the world.

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Truthfully, living in this world is all about perception. We all have different perspectives because we are all unique. People’s perspectives differ from each other, with some falling on the positive side while falling on the negative side.

Whichever side your perspective is, it is solely yours because you are the creator of that perspective. Other people may have an impact on the way you see yourself but they cannot entirely change your perspective about yourself and of the world.

If you have experienced a lot of unpleasant things in life, it is your choice whether to get stuck in it or to be free from it. In this life, it is normal when a person gets locked up in a situation. If this situation evokes negative emotions and feelings, he will also see himself in a negative light such as being worthless and he would naturally view the world as a place unworthy as well.

What people are mostly unaware of is that it is important to let go of these unpleasant feelings because we do not live in the past, we live in the present. If we let ourselves get stuck in a negative situation with negative feelings, we will also have the tendency to view the world from the same perspective that we made our pessimism.

When a person is sad about something, everything else around him seems to be well fitting to his current emotion. It is because the way he views himself at the moment and the instances that he is in also makes up for the world he lives in. It is important to realize that all the perspective and thoughts that we have about ourselves affects how we live our lives.

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Consequently, if the way we live our lives is affected then it will also influence the way we see the world. Hence, learning to let go of an unpleasant situation and feeling is essential to be able to live this life fully.

We are the ones who control our lives, how we react to our experiences and feelings and how we deal with them. Certain experiences are unavoidable and feelings cannot be controlled because they are emotions that are part of being humans. What we can do as the main controller of our lives is to set how you want to view yourself carefully. It is pivotal in this life to focus on bettering yourself before anything else because it is your life that makes your existence in this world worthwhile and how you view yourself can affect everything around you.

If positive things happen to you, you naturally accept them wholeheartedly. So also do the same and be open-minded in accepting all your flaws and the negative experiences that you have because they are part of who you are. Every little thing about you is what comprises the way you live your life and how you see the world. Just imagine living in this world as someone who is accepting of everything, as someone who is optimistic and hopeful to what life offers. If you view yourself as a happy person, you are also in a way embracing everything that surrounds you even the bad ones. Thus, having a general positive point of view in life.

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