Self Concept and Self Esteem

self concept

What is self-concept

Self-concept It is how you know and understands yourself. It is the mental and conceptual understanding that you hold for your existence. There are two important parts to consider about your self-concept:

  • Your self-image. This includes how you see yourself and how you think that others see you. If the image you hold about yourself is poor, then your self esteem and confidence are low. How you think about you will influence how you respond to your life and the decisions you take. This includes your beliefs, attitudes, and opinions.
  • Your self esteem. How you feel about yourself (emotional). You have your own personal views, characteristics, and beliefs about your mind and body that shapes your self esteem.

You can have a positive or a negative self-concept. This attitude will determine either a good self esteem or a low self-esteem and insecurity. If you are insecure, you have poor levels of confidence.

How your develop your self-concept

Your self-concept is developed through our interactions with others. Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are affected by how you feel about you, your self esteem and confidence. It determines the relationship you have with others and influences how you respond to experiences and difficulties in life.

The environment is also important. It acts as a mirror that reflects back to you images of yourself. Your experiences help to create your self esteem. The strength and weaknesses that were learned as children are internalized as concepts and affect the way you act like an adult today, according to your beliefs and how you feel.

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How to improve your self-concept

  • Recognize your strengths so that you can improve your confidence.
  • Praise yourself often and accentuate the positive
  • Develop a more positive attitude
  • Spend time with friend that will support you and will not put you down

Ask the following questions:

  • How your beliefs that you have about you influence your thoughts and actions?.
  • How accurately do you know yourself?.
  • What do you do well?. How can I improve confidence?.
  • What do you look like?.
  • How do you relate to others?.

Self-concept is not fixed permanently. Part of it is dynamic and changing. You can learn to improve your self-concept. To improve you must change is a process that occurs over a life time.

Improvement starts with learning to accept and love yourself. Improvement also means being acknowledged and loved by others. It does not matter were you are at the present moment or what is your level of self esteem, what matters is that you can change and improve your self-concept. Self-concept and self esteem go together.

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