Your Ultimate Guide on Attracting Wealth by Improving Self Esteem

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Your journey to achieving abundance of wealth starts with enhancing your self-esteem. It is very important that you will feel that you deserve the wealth that you have been dreaming to have in your life. The best way to achieve wealth abundance is to think that you own it.

Self-image is how you think about yourself. On the other hand, self-esteem is how you give high regard to yourself. You need to put the same level of attraction on what you want to attract to your self-image. You can do this through improving your self-esteem level.

Attracting wealth by improving self esteem is what you need. You can do this through reading this article and find out ways to do it. However, before you continue reading, you have to ask yourself the following questions, “Am I ready to improve my self-image?” “Am I ready to improve my self-esteem?” .

Enhancing your self-esteem will never happen overnight. It will take time, effort and focus. But once you have improved your self-esteem, you will be able to reap enormous benefits and achieve long term goals, start now to raise your financial self esteem.

Once you have achieved an increased level of self-esteem, it means you love and like yourself. Liking yourself shows that you accept the way you are, all your values and virtues and all your flaws. Accepting yourself makes you appreciate and feel worthy that you have set for yourself. In doing this, it helps you reach the goal you have set to achieve.

The first step to know the current stage on how you think about yourself is asking the following questions. You need to choose one in order for you to describe your current self-image.

  • Are you seeing yourself as someone who committed mistakes most of his or her existence and cannot seem to achieve anything in life? Do you see yourself as a failure?
  • Are you seeing yourself as someone who is still growing and learning the ropes in life? Do you see yourself as someone who can jump off in any challenges in life? Do you consider yourself who have achieved lots of things in life?
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Whatever you chose and said “yes” from the questions, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is you are now decided in attracting wealth by improving self esteem. You are now determined to improve your self-image.

If you focus your attention on your successes or failures, it will determine how you see and think about yourself. Then later on, it will determine your beliefs about your whole being.

Roadmap to Attracting Wealth by Improving Self-Esteem

Here is a list of concrete things that you must do to have a happier and confident you.

You need to establish your exact goals in life. Do this through following these easy steps

  1. Identify how much wealth you want to achieve. For example, one million dollar.
  2. Put in your subconscious mind the amount of wealth you want. Set in your mind that you want to be a millionaire.
  3. Focus on it. Do not worry about how you are going to materialize your goal because it will come later.

You have to set a deadline when you want to achieve your goal.

Setting a timeline will help you establish a sense of urgency to achieve your goal. It will also prevent you from wasting time and procrastinating. Always remember that any goal without setting a deadline will remain a wish or plan forever.

Know what your contributions are.

Wanting and aiming for something is not enough. You need to determine the things you are willing to trade or give in return. Make sure that you are going to determine what you will exchange in order to achieve in return is what you are passionate about. For instance, you want to become a millionaire in one year. You need to give up eating in luxurious restaurant to save money.

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Get started in achieving your goal through creating your action plans.

You need to set your specific directions in order for you to focus on it. You should concentrate your energy in doing your specific action plans. This is to help you not to get distracted. Just keep in mind that in creating your plan of actions, it is not necessarily perfect. The most crucial part is you start making steps and materializing your action plans. Here are concrete sample action plans if you want to be a millionaire after a year:

  1. Save money: should not spend on unnecessary stuff, become a smart buyer and work on what it is available
  2. Add a means on how to earn extra income: be a freelance writer and offer different services and products using your talents and skills
  3. Look for a high paying job or business: get a job that will pay you more and venture on a business that will get more revenue

If you have seen and met people who have achieved the wealth they desired, it is time to make your move – attracting wealth by improving self esteem.

Self Esteem And Money



Money and selfesteem go hand in hand. Nathaniel Branden

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In order to turn around your financial situation, you will need to raise your financial self esteem. This mean that you have to start focusing your energy on new thought patterns that will manifest in wealthy feelings and behaviors .

Then , automatically you will feel good about yourself and your negative thoughts about money will go away and you will be more open to receive more.

When it comes to money the main problem is not “money” is the relationship you have with the money, you will have to work inside with you mind, thoughts and emotions dimensions. You have to understand first that your behaviors with money are driven by your beliefs. How these beliefs are created?. They are created in your childhood.. Very early in life, you internalized messages about money regarding what money is, what is the meaning of it and what its promises.

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