Valentine day and self-esteem

valentine day and self esteem

We can’t find love outside of us. Love start with ourselves. Valentine’s Day is approaching and most of us are looking outside of us. Even if we feel empty and alone, or we are in a relationship we might be hoping that that chocolate or card or gift will give us the love we are looking for.

Before we reach outside we have to look within. Start now to look at your relationship with yourself. Do you really love yourself?, do you have love inside?. If you don’t like yourself, people around you will not like you. Love is an inside job. In order to receive you must have it.

Look yourself in a mirror and say: I love you and accept you just the way you are. Watch your reactions, pay attention. How do you feel?

Look at the mirror every morning , look into your eyes and tell yourself that you love, appreciate and accept yourself. Try this exercise for a few days, you will start connecting with your yourself, if at the beginning you don’t feel comfortable is ok. Keep do in it. Just do it for a few minutes.

Then, write a list of all the things you like about yourself. Also write 2 things you are grateful for. Make sure the same day reward yourself. Get something just for you. Make yourself a priority.

You can use the following exercises:

  • 10 Things I love about myself
  • A Compliment to myself
  • I gave myself a priority by
  • I am proud of myself because
  • Today I eat the following healthy food
  • Today I pampered myself with
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At the mean time , Valentine’s day is approaching, you can of course plan your day and by the gifts and get ready. The promise is that your Valentine’s day is going to be more wonderful if you been practicing this exercises. You will feel more loving, confident and ready to give the love you are building inside.

Have a wonderful Valentine Day!!

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