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Healthy Self Esteem Testimonials

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Self Esteem Newsletters

“As always good to recieve a text from you!. As for a testimony, where to begin?. Obviously your customer service is out of this world!. We believe you to be honest, hardworking, and trustworthy . Thank you for your dedication ! ” Mithi .

” I appreciate your newsletter and enjoy the contents. As a professional and a recovering addict and alcoholic your letters provide a great deal of insight and information. Perhaps we could team up sometime. ” Sincerely. Ben R.

“Thank you self esteem through awareness, I am truly bless to receive your newsletter it really help me because there is this fear of letting go in order to do what I truly love to like , my music, and i worry a lot about what people say.. ” Thanks. Harada

“Nice site, thanks for information!” . WB

“Great resource. keep it up!! Thanks a lot for interesting discussion, I found a lot of useful information!. ” With the best regards! David

“It’s really good.. It helped me a lot…” Thanks!. Randall

Expand your comfort zone

” Hello!. I would like to say thank you so much for your good document that was send to me is very interesting to read : Three ways to expand your comfort zone. But you know sometimes it very difficult to do that because I feel it is not my behavior, very hard to adapt and flexible in a situation.” . Thyda.

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“I agree about the depression (your latest article). The funny thing is that when you HAVE self-esteem, depression is indeed temporary. But when you don’t have it, learning it is such a lengthy process – and I mean years of learning new habits/ways of thinking/changing perceptions/behaviors – AND a physiological/hormonal shift is also simultaneously necessary – that it is not likely to be overcome even with the things you mentioned.
They are better than doing nothing, and certainly help, though. But if your serotonin (I think that is the hormone) is low, forget it. On other news, all is good with me. I think I finally have come to a place where I understand how self-esteem feels, rather than just nodding my head that I hear the word . ” .Best to you Carla, Jody .

“Great resource. keep it up!!Thanks a lot for interesting discussion, I found a lot of useful information!With the best regards!”. David .

Low Self-Esteem Effects

“I guess I can buy that low self-esteem people would seek similar types, BUT. in my experience two such people often have trouble together. One person’s insecurities can cause them to lash out, which hits the other’s emotionally sensitive “hot button”, which triggers a hot response, and so on.
A low self-esteem person might be better off with someone who can recognize when this is an issue and have the insight and strength to calm down and deflate the situation.” Andrew.

“This reminds me of when I was in high school, I remember my health teacher saying that angry people attract angry people and happy people attract happy people. I think that same can be said for individuals who have low self-esteem. And I do agree that we need to look inside ourselves more than what we may usually do. ” Grant.

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” I think self esteem is critical to living a productive life. Branden rocks and I have quoted him frequently in my blog, as well as doing the sentence esteem exercise from Six Pillars (of course I edited them before putting the answers in my blog). I am looking forward to spending more time reading your webpage. ” Chris.

“This is really helpful, thank you !” Sara.

“Indeed great article you got here. It’d be just great to read more about such matter. Thanks for giving this data”. Ruby B.

“I just want to thank you for the newsletter. I work with foster children and these articles help educate me in assisting these children. If there are ever any seminars in South Florida, I would be interested. Thank you again!”.

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