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Nathaniel Branden, Ph. D., has done more than anyone to awaken America’s consciousness to the importance of self-esteem. He has written many books on self esteem including bestsellers The Psychology of Self-Esteem that deals with questions such as what is self esteem and why do we need it?, what is self esteem such a powerful force in human life?. Honoring the Self looks at how the self-esteem emerges, evolves and moves through progressively higher stages of individuation, and How to Raise Your Self-Esteem that provides the reader with specific strategies for building self-esteem. Dr. Branden has a private practice in Los Angeles where he offers self-esteem seminars and works as a consultant to organizations and businesses. [1]

Nathaniel Branden definition of Self Esteem

Self esteem is the experience that we are appropriate to life an to the requirements of life. More specifically, self esteem is.. Confidence in our ability to think and to cope with the basic challenges of life. Confidence in our right to be happy, the feeling of being worthy, deserving, entitled to assert our needs and wants and to enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

Videos by Nathaniel Branden

Dr. Joel Wade interviewing Dr. Nathaniel Branden: Integrity -Thoughts, feelings and actions integrated.


Dr. Joel Wade interviewing Dr. Nathaniel Branden: Perfection – Nobody is perfect, people need, to be honest with themselves and their feelings. The practice of self-acceptance.


Self esteem is not a gift that we need only to claim. Its possession over time represents an achievement. To qualify as authentic self-esteem, the experience I am describing must be reality based. It is more than simply a matter of feeling good about oneself. The Power of Self-Esteem – (page 33).

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Nathaniel Branden Books


The Power of Self-Esteem Self esteem is a powerful force within each one of us. It encompasses much more than that innate sense of self-worth which presumably is our hum nan birthright, that spark that we who as psychotherapists or teachers seek to fan in those we work with. That spark is only the anteroom to self-esteem. As you begin to read this book, I want you to know precisely what I mean when I say self esteem. There are many definitions which I consider misleading, less powerful or less useful than the one I propose. (page vi)

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Dr. Nathaniel Branden. Review. He demonstrates why self-esteem is basic to psychological health, achievement, and positive relationships. You will learn:

The importance of self-esteem, its definition and the basic pattern.
The impact in your life.
Self-efficacy and self-respect and worthiness.
The face of Self-Esteem and the illusion.



1. Nathaniel Branden. 1992. The power of Self Esteem. United States. Health Communications, Inc.

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