10 Steps To Know What You Want In Life

what you want in life

Last  vacation we were in Europe for the first time, we really enjoy each day. I  would love to live in that estate of joy, but something crossed my mind, it  was the thought of coming back  home and  work in a place that I feel trapped, not growing . The reality is that I do not have any options because I have to  make a living. I feel frustrated .

We are going in our life through various phases without realizing what we want in life. While many people ponder over their desires, very few actually know what they should pursue to be truly happy. Desire is not exactly what you want in life. Wishes and desires are often manifestations of our perceptions. Innumerable people long for something but do not feel the expected sense of contentment. This is primarily because the longing is driven by perceived desire and not genuine want. You should try to live without certainty , I know is hard, because we love to live in our comfort  zone , but it doesn’t  help if you truly want to live a life of fulfillment. Here are ten steps to help you figure out what you want in life, regardless of age, gender, profession, personal likes and dislikes or socioeconomic factors.

Find out what truly excites you!

Every person in the world, child or adult or elderly, will get excited by something. Children get excited about plenty of things around them. Adults are relatively less excited. As you get familiar and bored with the mundane realities, as you stop exploring the world and shut yourself from new experiences, you will find yourself involved in and surrounded by unexciting events. Ask yourself what excites you as that is a simple gateway to joy. What you want in life should be something that excites you. Else, the desired contentment or the feeling of satisfaction will elude you.

Be aware of your strengths!

Unfortunate truths is that most people are more aware of their weaknesses then their strengths, because is the way we grow up. You should be aware of your strengths and develop them to their maximum potential. This will increase your confidence. These strengths could be certain types of aptitudes, natural talent or acquired skills. You have to harness the strengths you have and the outcomes of exercising such gifts would always be rewarding in more than one way. Not all strengths need to materialize in financial rewards. A few strengths may be simply about emotional satisfaction and accomplishments that are not weighed on the scales of materialism.

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Acknowledge  your achievements!

Success is defined as  achieving a desired outcome  and also the  attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. There is no single standard for success. Like most words in our common lexicon, success is a relative term. It is not just relative between two people but also in the context of where you were five years ago and how you are now. While no one should be arrogant about their success, everyone should truly acknowledge how far they have progressed in due course of time. Since a majority of us are continuously chasing better tomorrows, we often do not remind ourselves the importance of what we have achieved till now. Assessing your progress or success will give you context and you will find it easier to figure out what you want in life.

10 Steps To Know What People Want In Life

Restore burnt bridges, if possible!

Most people burn bridges at certain stages in their lives. This may pertain to relationships, reputations, careers and other aspects of life. Some bridges are better left in their burnt and dilapidating condition. Some burnt bridges should be restored. Burnt bridges can often stand as a hurdle between you and your true wants in life. Consider a possibility wherein what you truly want in life is already in your past and you have burned that bridge, which could be a job or business, a particular lifestyle or a person you loved.

Meditate and visualize what you want in life!

It is not always possible to get down to the minute details of what you want in life. You may have a desire for something in general. You might not be completely aware of what it means to achieve that goal. You should meditate and feel the emotions of what you want in life. You can visualize yourself achieving your goal and then try to experience the psychological or emotional realizations. Your true desire may be a combination of the material and the immaterial, something tangible and something intangible. You can easily relate to the tangible or material as you may have already seen it or are familiar with. It is the intangible or immaterial that you should try and realize. Meditation will help you understand the gravity of such emotions and you will be able to prioritize your wants. Often, people mistakenly feel the desperation to experience something, only to understand that it is not what they genuinely longed for. Watch  Joe Dispenza for inspiration.

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Try to find out the reason why!

When you do come up with some goals or genuine desires, ask yourself why those are your true calling. It is very easy to think of something as what you want in life, until you get down to the nitty-gritty and imagine the fallouts. What you want in life cannot be a transition and it cannot be limited to one phase of your career or relationship. Those can be short term goals. What you want in life is the objective of a lifetime.

Write down your goals!

It is easy to get drowned under all the distractions and of course the perennial responsibilities. This makes it effortless to forget your own goals. Everyone can get a little perplexed and may even have misplaced priorities. It is only human and completely natural. Writing down your goals and being as specific as you can will be of immense help.

Make your goals visible!

You cannot remind yourself what you want in life once every six months. You cannot wait for an elusive sabbatical to pursue what you truly wish to achieve. Your goals should be visible. You must use pictures, quotes, visual motivations and everything you can afford or is practical to keep yourself en route to accomplishing what you want in life. Make an effort to avoid brooding and procrastination.

Assess your progress!

There are some people who have enough motivation and do not need a deadline. Most humans need motivation and must have deadlines. You should set your own deadlines and then assess your progress. Choose realistic targets and reasonable timelines.

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Stay motivated and focus on positivity!

You must remain positive in your approach towards you goals and life in general. It is easy to be discouraged by negative experiences or outcomes. Staying upbeat is a challenge. Seek inspiration from the likes of Tom Bilyeu has plenty of interviews with people that was in bad shape or situation that seem impossible to archive success, some that  help me  David Goggins,  Brene Brown, Ed Mylett, Mel Robbins Bedross Keulian and Seth Godin, Lewis Howes , Dandapani.


So now you know 10 steps that will help you to  get clear about what you want. It might require time to do this steps , just be honest with yourself and go for it!

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