4 Self Confidence Tips

Self confidence tips

These self confidence tips are the result of my own personal experience, start feeling more confident. Self-Confidence is extremely important in a person’s life. Self-Confidence is being certain of your own abilities. Start now learning how to develop your self confidence and remember the importance of persistence. Try one or more of these self confidence tips. You can always learn Self-Confidence and feel good about yourself. Learn 4 self confidence tips that can help you to become more confident:  Relay on self-evaluation

Avoid giving your power to others, instead focus in how you are feeling . Develop a loving relationship with your own self . Trust your intuition and believe in your abilities. You cannot feel self confident all the time, but you can change an improve. Read Books to get inspired and motivated.

Forget about the opinion that other people have about you. This is the main lesson I had to learn. I kept looking for constant approval until I understood that others opinion , is just that, and opinion.

Stop thinking all day about what others think of you. If you have are experiencing problems with this issue, please check this page – What People Think, and care less about what others think.

Everybody has different opinions, experiences and abilities. Therefore, you must focus on your abilities and strengths.

Become your own best friend

Treat yourself with kindness and patience. The attitude you have about yourself is more important than the abilities you possess and will help you to feel more confident.

Change your negative internal dialog. Sometimes this internal negativity can be discouraging you from attempting something that you truly want . When you recognize a defeating thought, change it with a new more positive one. Do not dwell on the negativity thought. You subconscious mind is trying to protect you, but you have to replace the negative thought for a supportive one.

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Improve your inner-talk to feel more empowered. My internal dialog was always of criticism and negativity because I had perfectionist parents that constantly gave me negative feedback. It took me many years to truly accept myself until I learned the importance of being positive in order to feel a more confident person.

Accentuate the positive

Accentuate your positive good qualities. Refresh every morning all you have done well the day before. Every night sit down and write down your successes. It does not matter if what you have done is small or big.

Most of us were raised to accentuate our negative traits and this has became a bad habit. I focus on the great and small events that happen to me. I am grateful and celebrate them. Learn to remember all the good things and experiences you had in the past.

Take risks

Your confidence depends on how risky you are. If you failed, remember that you are learning and growing. View any mistake as a lesson not as a threat . I had to balance this issue about taking risks because in the past I have taken them easily.

Never make the mistake to be afraid of failure. Take your failures as something you have to learn, a new challenge. Of course, you must learn from your mistakes, learn the lesson and be realistic. But, don’t let your fears to stop you for getting what you really want.

Taking risks is important because it shows the capacity you have to deal with problems in life.

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This article is great and all but the best way to build self confidence is through taking action and getting things done. Thinking about how to be more confident will let life slip through your fingers; instead take the initiative and enjoy life. That mindset is the key to being more confident. In the words of Art Williams “Just do it.” For a more detailed guides check out the place where I learned to be self confident.

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