Top 9 Ways to Develop Self Confidence

developing self confidence

There are self confidence exercises to have more confidence but the time it would take before results become noticeable may vary. Nonetheless, these emotional exercises are guaranteed to boost your confidence not long after doing them religiously.

Self confidence is not something that automatically comes with natural beauty, breathtaking talent or financial wealth. Self confidence is developed by believing in one’s self, trying to accomplish special achievements and doing small things that will gradually change a person’s disposition when done on a daily basis.

Some of them can give immediate boost in confidence, such as studying hard to top an exam or working hard to get a promotion, while some take time before sinking in, such as working-out to see satisfying development every day. Some ways to boost confidence are short-lived, such as sporting a new luxury bag collection at school, while some of them are permanent, such as loving one’s self without any doubts.

1. Smile

healthy self-esteemNothing beats a good smile in exuding positive vibe all around you. This might sound shallow, but you’ll be surprised how smiling can boost your confidence without fail.

Scientifically speaking, smiling more often prompts your body to release a hormone that fights off stress and gives the feeling of happiness; same as  when you eat chocolate, the ultimate comfort food.

2. Praise yourself

self esteemSay something encouraging to yourself first thing in the morning, everyday. You can do it all the time. It will set the mood for you for the rest of the day.

There are so many beautiful things to be thankful about and you surely have your edge over other people; you just have to find it if it’s not obvious. Confidence comes from the thought that you have something amazing that other people do not have. It can be a slender body, an IQ over 160 or a good deed that not many people pride of doing.

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If people around you refuse to give you a pat on the back, better give yourself one, and do it hard. You have to appreciate yourself first before other people see the beauty in you. Let’s take a look at some ways to develop self confidence:

3. Be yourself

self-careSun Tzu once said that knowing yourself will win you all battles. Leave acting like somebody else to the thespians. You cannot bring out genuine confidence without bringing out the real person in you. Remember that confidence from non-existent “you” is a mere illusion.

4. Look for your advantage

armflabrThat doesn’t mean that you should look for anything bad, like a handicap, in other people. This only means that you should be aware of your own edge. You can say it doesn’t exist, but whether it is a perfect set of teeth under bulging lips, a loving family living in a dysfunctional society or piercing eyes below a really huge forehead, the fact of the matter is that you still have something others do not have.

5. Dress presentably

dress propertlyWearing something trend setting or just plain gorgeous beats a bad hair day. Strutting under a piece of garment that other people see as a fashion-statement-to-die-for is justifiably egotistic. Your movements will reflect the pride in wearing something you are truly comfortable with. Match with your clothes some self confidence exercises to have more confidence and you will surely be a hit.

6. Know your angle

know your angleLots of people the society branded as “nerds” avoid having their pictures taken for one reason-they do not like the ugliness in them immortalized in photos. That is clearly subjective, but the odds are, you are probably suffering from that same lack of self-esteem like these “nerds” do.

“Nerd” is just a brand that egocentric people made to make themselves look better in a delusional way. There’s no one born as such. But you might remain branded like that if you won’t act on it as soon as possible.

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The first, best way to immortalizing the beauty in you is by finding your angle. Even Hollywood actors and actris do it. If you cannot appreciate your whole appearance as something worthy of a second glance, at least you know an angle exists to tend to feasting eyes.

7. Practice killer postures

best postureDo you know why models need to practice hard to perfect their postures, walks and angles? Because they need to showcase nothing but confidence in the brand they represent.

Many models during fashion shows strut ridiculously outlandish clothes that in hindsight, might make them look stupid. Just look at Lady Gaga and you’ll figure out what that means. But do their outfits compromise their performance on the catwalk or on stage? Not a bit.

Clothes are secondary source of confidence; your skin still tops the list. By learning killer postures that spell nothing but confidence, matched with killer angles, what you get is a personality oozing with self-esteem.

Walk with energy and stand up straight. Keep your head up and look around. Projecting confidence will make you feel as though you can take on the world. Walking slow with your shoulders slumped will make you feel less energetic. Your posture and walk say a lot about you to other people and not only give you energy, but makes you feel powerful.

8. Think positive

think positive
Maintaining a positive outlook in a least pleasing situation is really hard. Psyching out yourself might not always change the outcome of your decisions and actions to something favorable, but getting over a messy situation will at least bridge you over dignified, your confidence still intact.

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Even in the direst events, you can find some positive aspect in it. Even if you don’t feel positive, avoid feelings that make you feel inferior. Self Pity can be toxic and leads to depression and low self-esteem. Knowing that things will get better can help you work through hard times. Don’t be afraid to share your strengths and positive attitude with those around you. Doing so will encourage them to feel upbeat and return the favor in the future.

Staying positive will change your mood and eliminate stress easily. It will radiate through your eyes, words and skin! Remember that the confidence in achieving things starts in expecting positive outcomes.

9. Set goals and achieve them

set goalsThey do not really have to be something big, like winning a beauty pageant or making a million in a year. They can be small feats like helping someone cross the stress every morning or get one praise for your hair everyday or score a perfect quiz even once a week. As you get used to reaching your aims, you might not notice that you are getting “fiercer and fiercer” all the time.

Writing down aspirations for yourself via a journal can not only organize your thoughts but can give you something to look forward to. Start out with small, realistic goals that are easy to achieve. Over a period of time, take on more difficult goals and challenge yourself. This strategy will help building your self confidence by giving you a sense of accomplishment. Always reward yourself after achieving a goal. If you find difficult to set goals check Goal Setting 101 : How to Set and Achieve a Goal! .

Take a look at list of ways to develop self confidence and choose one or two. Try to apply it to your life right now!!

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