Six Books On Overcoming Shame

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How to recognize Shame

Shame is the big factor that can hinder people to get the opportunity in their life. Many people in the world fail due to the experience of shame. It is difficult for people to identify the shame and consequence of shame. This is the best article for those people who are looking to identify and recognize the shame.

What does shame do to a person?. A person that lives with shame often feel worthless, anxious and depressed.  They also avoid relationships and have low self esteem. Shame keeps people from making decisions that would lead others to devalue them and they are likely to  relapse back into problem behaviors. 

What is Shame?

Shame is the emotion of people that are powerful and cause the people to feel defective and unacceptable. It can cause problems for many people. When people feel shame they are unable to perform any activity and get the proper results.

Those people who grow up from abusive environments feel shy and inferior. The intense feeling of shame can create low self-esteem. The feeling of shame is super sensitive.

Many people feel deep-seated shame and low self-esteem so they have less motivation and show destructive behaviors.

The feeling of shame is the feeling of bad and wrong things that can be uncomfortable. Different people are observing the shame may feel the social and professional difficulties. The word shame has different meanings for different people. We can say that shame has a different meaning from guilty and embarrassment.

Common Shame Triggers

Shame is a painful feeling for women and men. There are different triggers of shames. We are discussing some common shame triggers in the below article.

  1. Money and employment

If women work inside or outside in their home then breadwinners and budgeting will earn then we can see that employment and money issues can trigger shame. Many people due to financial conditions are unable to perform certain activities and they show the shame. For example when you are asked to perform activities in the presence of an audience then you will feel shame due to the unavailability of proper dressing.

  1. Mental and physical health

Mental and physical health is another factor that is considered the main trigger of shame. The people who are sick and weak may feel unworthiness. So we can say that mental and physical health can trigger shame for people. Some people are very weak and they feel shy to come in front of other people so we can say that mental and physical health can trigger shame.

  1. Sex

There are many forbidden topics for discussion in different homes and cultures so sex triggers the deep feeling of shame. Sex may be a factor of shame in certain cultures.

  1. Appearance and body image

The appearance also triggers shame as many people feel shy due to their body appearance. Some people’s appearances are different from a normal person so they feel shame.

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4 Symptoms of Shame

Different people made a research about the shame then we can see the different factors of shame and we can see the different symptoms of shame. There are different symptoms of shame but here we are discussing the 4 main symptoms of shame. All these symptoms are common in a person who is experiencing shame.

  1. Anger

Anger is the main symptom of shame as it is the clearest coping mechanism for deep shame for different people. When you will feel the shame then you will feel small and susceptible. The people feel safe by showing the feeling of anger. You should consider the anger when it is triggered. When any people show angry when he was asked to perform a certain task in the presence of many people then you should understand the condition of people. In this situation, people show a state of shame.

  1. Humor is serious situations

It is another symptom of shame as people feel shame and pain in different situations. This situation can hurt the people and it will be visible. The shame will cover the humor. That is why people can share without really leaving the depths of pain and need.

  1. Self-Blame

Self-blame is another symptom of shame and it can cause the people to heap blames. It is a common symptom of shame. Many people blame themselves so they do not move forward and unable to get the required result in their life.

  1. Addiction

When people are feeling shame and use some drugs to get the temporary relief then they are showing the shame. They are feeling the negative feeling. So we can say that addiction is another many symptoms of shame. People feeling shames are unable to tell what they want to tell.

Six books for overcoming shame

Healing the Shame that Binds You

This is the best book that has been written by John Bradshaw. This book gives the idea of whom to overcome the shame and tells us the different conditions of shame. The reader of this book can read and understand the true meaning of shame. He will be able to know the reasons for shame in the life of people. Many people do not know the causes of shame and they do not know the consequence of shame.

Strong supporting studies make this a popular book with counselors and other professionals. This is the best enduring work as this book can show unhealthy toxic shame. Many factors affect people and cause shame. The writer has told that people in childhood feel more shame. Due to shame the people have low self-esteem and unable to perform any task in their life. When people will be unable to perform the task in the audience then they will be unable to get the success of their life. However, it is one of the best books that describe the conditions of shame.

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However, we can say that it is considered as the recovery book as it can identify and work through un-resolved family issues. This book tells about the visualizations, affirmations, feeling exercise, and inner voice.  Buy at Amazon

Healing the shame that binds you

Shame and Guilt

This is a great book that can be useful for readers to make the difference between shame and guilt. This is a book written by Antony Felix who has written many books in his life but this is one of the greatest books that help the people to overcome the shame.

The readers of this book can get the idea to develop the basic ideas of shame and guilt as these are different terminology as people. Many people have misconceptions about guilt and shame but this book will give a clear idea to make the difference.

If you are looking at the problems of shame with negative emotion then this book will help you to overcome the shame and develop some positive attitude.


·         It is a well-written book to overcome shame and guilt.

·         Great way to make the difference between shame and guilt,


·                     Not too much information

Buy at Amazon

Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame

This is a wonderful book written by Patricia A. DE young for those people who are feeling chronic shame and want to treat chronic shame. Many people in the world are feeling the chronic shame the writer has focused on these types of people.

As we know that chronic shame can resist self-help. The writer has described the common symptoms of shame and described many easy ways to treat it. It is easy to treat as you have to just build up your confidence. When people build the confidence level they can overcome the shame and succeed in their life. The writer motivates the shameful person to go forward in their life. The writer has told some treatment of chronic shame with practice and efficacy.


•           Therapy for attachment issues.

•           Useful for a therapist

•           Must read the book for patients of chronic shame.

•           Well written book


•           Bit expensive

Buy at Amazon

Shame: Free Yourself, Find Joy, and Build True Self-Esteem

It is a well-written book that can use for anyone who is looking for building true self-esteem. Many people in this world find joy and want to build self-esteem. It can free readers from shame. The shame can hinder the people to move forward in their life.

It is a challenging and well-accepted book written by Joseph Burgo that has described some wonderful tips to build the confidence level and overcome the shame. There are different unique ideas that will help you to move forward in your life.

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Many people think positively in their life so they move forward and they are brave but people with shame are not motivated to come in the front. This book is very encouraging for people experiencing shame in society.


•                     Well researched and organized book

•                     Very informative Book


•                      It is a terrible book

Buy at Amazon

Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions

It is the best book that can give a better understanding and overcome all negative emotions that are caused by shame. Many people feel shame and they have confidence. When people lack the confidence level then it hurts the people.

The reader can find the theory of guilt, anxiety, and shame. There is complete information about these three factors and the reader may be able to find the main cause of anxiety and shame.

The writer also calls negative legacy emotions. This book also tells about that people are evolved as the most violent creatures in life. The negative emotions of people are caused due to shame and anxiety. When there will be negative emotions then people will hurt the relationship. However, it is the best book to overcome shame.


·                     It is an insightful book

·                     Well written book

·                     Complete ideas about anxiety, shame, and guilt

·                     Ways to overcome shame


•                      Very expensive Book

Buy at Amazon

Shame and Grace: Healing the Shame We Don’t Deserve

This is a well-organized book written by Lewis B. Smedes that contains a lot of information in it. The writer is very motivated to describe some conditions of shameful persons. The people who experience shame are unable to perform the required task efficiently. These types of people are less motivated and low self-esteem. There is a need to build self-esteem. When people build self-esteem then they will work hard for their life.

The reader of the book will be able to know the new method of shame. All ideas are very unique and interesting. So it is the best book for those people who are struggling to overcome the shame in their practical life. The writer has clearly described the importance of grace in this book and some methods to heal the shame and build the confidence level.


•           This is a well-organized book

•           Different ways to heal the shame

•           Very informative book

•           Meaningful reading


·         Many psycho babel

Buy at Amazon



This is the best article for those people who are struggling to overcome the shame and unable to identify the shame. There different books that have written about the shame but we have described the best-selling book ” Healing the Shame that Binds You” written by John Bradshaw.”


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