8 Ways to Identify Self-Confident People

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Are you wondering about your self-confidence? Do you wonder how to know whether or not you or someone else is confident? . It is vital to gauge your self-confidence and develop it if you need some boosting in that area. Self-confidence is important in every area of your life, even the most basic activities!  Self-confidence is that assurance and certainty that you can handle any situation and circumstance that comes your way.

Self-confidence lies in the surety that you can achieve success and make great things happen. Once you have self-confidence, you can live a full and fulfilling life and take charge of your destiny!

How to Identify Self-confident people

Although self-confidence comes from within a person, there are some outward signs every confident person showcases. Look out for these signs in your life and others around you.

  1. Self-confident people don’t condone mistreatment 

One tell-tale sign of a person who lacks self-confidence is that they tolerate poor treatment from others rather than standing up for themselves.

A self-confident person does not give people the room to disrespect and mistreat them. They stand up for themselves when it matters and point out disrespect when it happens.

However, a self-confident person will stand for himself within reason and maturity and not engage in throwing tantrums or getting violent.

Always stand up for yourself and set high standards for how people treat you!

  1. Self-confident people have a positive body language 

Some physical gestures like facing a person fully and maintaining eye contact when speaking to someone are signs of self-confidence.

People who look everywhere else but the face of a person in front of them lack confidence.

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Confident people have their faces and eyes up and maintain an open and inviting body language.

The calm look on their face, the gestures of the hands, and the set of their shoulders speak of how relaxed confident people are.

  1. Self-confident people smile 

Self-confident people are always wearing a friendly and relaxed smile. There is no anxiety in their disposition, and you can tell from a mile away that they have a healthy dose of confidence. People who lack self-confidence find it difficult to smile, and even when they do, it comes off as fake or anxious.

Always have a genuine smile on your face, as it attracts positive people to you.

  1. Self-confident people are in control of their temper 

You cannot find a confident person losing their temper because of little provocations. Self-confident people know how to keep a rein on their emotions and remain in a pleasant mood even when things are not great.

Self-confident people don’t overreact, take offense, or launch out on others. They are even-tempered, and people love them for that.

  1. Self-confident people are decisive 

Self-confident people don’t have room for indecisiveness and confusion. They find it easier to make decisions, take steps in line with their decisions, and handle the consequences that follow.

If you often face indecisiveness, make some well-thought-out decisions, and follow through with them. You will feel more confident in the end.

  1. Self-confident people take risks

If you always shy away from taking risks, then you might need a confidence boost.

Self-confident people are open to taking huge risks, as long as the results will be fulfilling and rewarding.

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The more confident you are in your abilities and judgment, the more open you will be to taking risks intelligently.

  1. Self-confident people know when and how to say no

A confident person will not say yes all the time, especially when a request doesn’t make sense or will lead to undue stress on your physical and emotional health.

Self-confident persons know what request they should turn down, and when they say no, they stick to their decision.

  1. Self-confident people are assertive 

Confident people don’t hesitate to go after what they want or desire. They believe things will go in their favor and work hard to see things go well.

If you are always hesitant or feeling fearful about going after something you want, you need to be more assertive.

Ignore your fear and push yourself to go after something you want. Over time, you will feel more confident.


The secret to taking control of your life is to build self-confidence!. When you are confident, you have better chances of achieving success in your endeavors.  Continually remind yourself that everything is possible if you believe in yourself and take confident steps towards your goal.  Self-confidence is a must!

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