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If you’ve got a job interview coming up and you’re nervous, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Remember that this is a very typical reaction. You’ll do fine if you know what you’re talking about. However, here are some tips on keeping your body language looking confident as well. So you don’t send the wrong signals during your interview.

Let’s talk a little bit about what your body language says about you. Your body language can believe your words if in fact it’s incongruent with what you’re saying. For example. If you say that you are confident and good at what you do during an interview, but if while you do this, you fidget, look nervously down at your hands, hunch your shoulders forward, or won’t make reasonable eye contact with the interviewer, guess what?. What you’re saying is that you’re insecure and not confident in yourself.

Once you become aware of your body language, though, you can change what your body is doing so that it matches your words. First, of course, it helps to have a confident feeling within you. If you do, this can change your body language without your even being aware of it. Just for a minute, think of a time when you were completely confident and not nervous at all.

Physical manifestations of high self-esteem

Here are some things you might see in yourself if you have high self esteem and confidence:

  • Your head is up.
  • Your shoulders are back.
  • You have a smile on your face.
  • Your gaze is direct.
  • Your manner is calm and sure.
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Now, of course, you’ll need to be qualified for the interview you’re going in for. If you’re not, no amount of body language is going to make you qualify. However, if you are qualified, let’s work on that body language by working on your feelings and then by making you aware of how you present yourself.

First, internal feelings. Now, understand that it is normal to be nervous about your interview, and the interviewer is going to understand that. A little nervousness is just fine and in fact can put you in a good light with the interviewer. People who come across as overly confident and not nervous at all may, in fact, appear arrogant or overbearing. So a little nervousness is fine and to be expected.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way assess your feelings about the job itself and your duties in it. Are you going to feel good about doing this job? Do you want it and are you excited to be in the running to get it? If that’s true, you’ve got half the battle won. A good resume along with this attitude is going to give you a significant advantage over other interviewees.

Improve self-esteem by modifying your body language

Finally, take a look at your body language. Stand and then sit in front of a mirror and draw up all of the feelings you’re going to have on the day of your interview, as best you can. How do you look?

  • Are you leaning forward slightly or sitting straight up with your shoulders back?.
  • Do you look confident (if a little nervous)?
  • Do you look happy and eager to be there?.
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  • Are your shoulders hunched?.
  • Are you looking nervously down at your hands?.
  • Do you look scared and not at all sure you should be there?.

If that’s true, take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are qualified for this position and that you deserve to be there, and then try again.

  • Put your shoulders back so that you’re sitting up straight.
  • Put a smile on your face.
  • Make sure your gaze is direct but not “staring”.
  • Don’t fidget.

Chances are, if you are qualified for this job, your nervousness will go away as the interview progresses and you find yourself relaxing.

A brief conclusion

With of course your background preparation, a deep breath, permission to be “just a little nervous,” and some attention to your body language, your interview should go just fine so that you get the job you want.

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