How to boost Self Confidence with Positive Self-Talk

Boost confidence with positive self-talk

Lack of confidence has become one of the biggest hurdles a person experiences as he matures. Several reasons may have led to a person’s lack of belief in himself. Among the most commonly occurring factors are previous experiences, frequent problems, and troubled external environment.  Numerous people have acknowledged the importance to boost self confidence. Thus, they have explored various methods that would most effectively build a person’s confidence.

Among the most efficient means of accomplishing such goal is through positive self-talk. The said means of increasing a person’s self-esteem will primarily be discussed in this article.

What is Positive Self-talk?

Self-talk is the manner in which you speak to yourself using your own generated thoughts. This particular means of talking to yourself does not occur voluntarily – more often than not, your ideas run inside your head without even noticing you are talking to yourself. Self-talk can be positive or negative depending on your ideas. Although your ideas tend to be uncontrollable, you can plan the words you intend to speak.

The way you talk to yourself highly influences self-confidence. What you tell yourself affects not just your ideas and emotions, but your goals as well. It is particularly important that a person learns to attain confidence with positive self-talk, since it doesn’t just lead to a greater amount of happiness, but makes you strongly believe in yourself as well.

How to set a pattern for positive self-talk

Setting a definitive pattern for positive self-talk does not require a lot of hard work. However, sufficient preparation should also be conducted in order to enhance such skill. As a means of preparation, a person has to initially identify the manner in which he talks to himself. He has to acknowledge how he speaks to himself before he could realize what he intends to change in his pattern. In other words, he has to assess his self-talk. This includes viewing the pattern in a broader perspective – whether or not it affects his thoughts and actions negatively. Furthermore, a person has to reflect on whether or not his words have an effect in the way he interacts with other people.

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If he finds his words negative, he then has to set a goal to change his bad habit into a positive self-talk. He also needs enough motivation in order to pursue this objective. He also has to allot time and effort before he can develop a pattern for positive self-talk.
Various means of positive self-talk.

According to your own preference, various means of positive self-talk can be practiced. The first form of such type of self-talk is by making affirmations. These include repetitively saying optimistic statements about yourself, your present endeavors or what goals you intend to accomplish. These phrases or sentences are usually brief and straight-to-the-point. Nevertheless, affirmations can still vary in length according to your intentions. As long as such statements remind you of your greatness, they can easily be considered as positive self-talk.

By repeating these affirmations, a person has a higher chance of attracting positive thoughts. It becomes easier for a person to condition his mind. Several people have manifested vibrancy in their actions after constantly practicing these declarations. A good example of such affirmation is “I am a happy and fulfilled person.

The second method is by constantly flattering yourself with your previous triumphs. Doing this may include reminiscing happy memories, succeeding in hard-fought battles, and remembering previous accomplishments. These memories will make you feel good about yourself. In addition, praise yourself when you succeed in your goals. Having these habits will directly provide happy thoughts. There is also a higher chance that you won’t feel stressed, since you are happy and secure about yourself.

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Another effective way of accomplishing positive self-talk is by creating a positive outcome in your head. Imagine how you intend to live your life. Afterwards, make sure that you focus on this certain goal. Once you keep this intent in mind, it becomes easier for you to accomplish such aim on a daily basis. Without even noticing it, your subconscious tells you to do everything to succeed in your endeavors.

Finally, set yourself on goals that can be done. Make sure that the things you repeatedly tell yourself are realistic. No matter how grand your intentions may be, positive self-talk may not have any effect on you when your subconscious tells you there is no way you can achieve them.

Positive self-talk is one of the most effective means of achieving self-confidence. The words you tell yourself greatly influence your thoughts, emotions and actions. In order to use this as a means of attaining confidence, a person has to learn to identify, assess and set a pattern for positive self-talk. According to a person’s preference, the said method can be accomplished by using different manners – making affirmations, reminding yourself with previous accomplishments, imagining a positive outcome and setting realistic goals.

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