How to Overcome Impatience and Change One’s Life in The Process


Most people wish to overcome their impatience but often find it quite difficult to do so. Many still find themselves getting irritated by the smallest things, and sometimes they even realize they are very angry. They get impatient when waiting for anyone or anything – a child getting dressed, a person in the ATM vestibule, someone to pick up the phone, or a meal to be served. Sometimes, they even get impatient about themselves – when it takes them a long time to learn something, to level up on a skill, or to lose weight.

Before people realize that it is better to be patient rather than hurry things up, they first tend to look for shortcuts that will minimize the occasions when they need to wait or will fast track the achievement of their goals. However, while this may sometimes work, it still does not benefit them in the long run. These shortcuts will still open them up to more occasions that will bring out their impatience later on.

Thus, the best thing they can do is to find ways to overcome it. It can be quite challenging, and again, will require a lot of patience. However, as they take the first step by wanting to change their attitude, they have already moved forward into improving not just themselves, but the quality of their lives as well.

What are the benefits of overcoming impatience?. How does it exactly affect people’s lives?. Well, first of all, when people practice patience, they get to take control of their moods and their actions, instead of them being controlled by their impatience. When people are overcome by impatience instead of the other way around, they say or do things that just ruin their mood or even their entire day, or, in worse cases, they get into arguments and hurt other people’s feelings. Basically, by allowing themselves to be taken over by impatience, they end up doing or saying things that they may later regret.

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On the other hand, taking control of their words and actions by being patient reaps an abundance of benefits, both short-term and long-term: They do not let any one incident dictate the flow of their day. They display the right kind of attitude that will boost their self-esteem and make them a good example to others. They maintain smooth relationships with people. They can be peaceful regardless of any situation. They ingrain the habit of practicing patience deeper into themselves. These are just to name a few, but through these, people can make tremendous changes in the kind of life they are living.

Three Tips to Overcome Impatience

So, what are the ways people can overcome their impatience, in order to make a difference in how they live their lives? Here are three tips they can follow. Sure, these can be very challenging, but even by trying to stick to them, people are already exercising their patience, which, in the process, will allow them to get over their impatience.

  1. The key idea in being patient is for people to focus on the moment, on the Now. People are always in such a hurry to move forward that they cannot wait or sit still for anything. By practicing to focus on the present, people can discover and learn how each minute is just as precious a part of life as the moment they obtain their goals. They learn to live their present life, not miss out on it by fixating on what has yet to come.
  2. Have faith. Trust in the ways of the universe. Believe that things always fall into place. People become impatient because they want to be sure that what they are hoping for will come to them. As long as they do not see it happening, they are gripped by worry and fear that they will not get what they want or need. However, sometimes, things do take time because life does have a way of making things work out for the best in the end. People just need to remember this, and to trust.
  3. Be self-aware. Start by taking deep breaths. Sometimes, people take it out on other people or things when they have some other personal issue. They become impatient or intolerant of others because there is something within them that makes them uncomfortable or restless. Once people become aware that they are going through something, they can be more patient, tolerant, or empathic with others, and in the process be able to deal with their problem more effectively.
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It takes a lot of patience to work on impatience. It also requires a lot of hard work and effort. However, people will notice that as they continue to be patient with themselves and practice being the same with others, better habits are formed and being patient requires less effort and difficulty. Once they overcome impatience, they find themselves generally peaceful and more in control of their lives. Need help overcoming impatience?. Be More Patience

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