Emotion Envy: 5 Major tips to Overcome Envy

overcome envy

What is Envy?

Envy is defined as painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage.

Eckhart Tolle says that envy is when you feels diminish when something good happen to another person. Or other person has more or did better than you. Envy is a comparation with other people therefore a clear sign of low self esteem.

Envy is an emotion, “that happens when someone lacks the highest quality, achievement or possession of another person and wants to or does not want the other person.” Aristotle defined Envy as pain because of other people’s fortune, moved by “those who have something we should have. It is painful or mistrustful awareness of another’s advantage, and a desire to have a similar benefit. No matter how much you try to hide it with a smile, jealousy doesn’t go anywhere by itself. It can turn into destructive Envy and even depression out of control.

What is the difference between jealousy and Envy?

Envy and jealousy are not the same, but often confused. Knowing the difference between jealousy and Envy is important in determining which emotion you are feeling. Jealousy is a response to the threat of losing something that you already own. Envy is a response to something you feel you have so little.

How envy affect your life

Envy can be be harmful because it causes you to hurt the other person. It also creates lack of happiness and joy. When a person is always focus on what other people have and he/she doesn’t ; a lot of emotions like resentmentanger and negativity appears.

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Envy is a waist of time, the envy person is not able to see his blessings and gifts. Is always seeking what other people have and this creates an emptiness inside and the feelings of not being good enough.

Here are 5 Major tips to Overcome Envy

  1. Think of the reason why are you feeling envious

You need to figure out what causes it before you can deal with your Envy constructively. You have to take a little time to observe why you feel envious of your friend’s sporty coupe. Ask questions before dealing with your Envy to identify the cause of your Envy.

  1. Be thankful for what you have.

Besides comparing with yourself, adding a regular exercise of gratitude to your life can help minimize Envy. So just take two minutes off your day to concentrate on being thankful for all the things you have. Create a list or write it down in your head at the start or the end of the day.

  1. Avoid those people who intentionally value the wrong things.

You will begin to want the latest fashions when you spend your time with people who compare the latest fashions. You will, of course, fall into the inevitable trap of comparing your possessions to their own if you spend all your time with people who talk about their wages, their new cars or their excessive holidays.

  1. Focus on yourself

It is an excellent way to be miserable when you compare what you got to what others have. When you buy the right car or have a better job than someone else, it feeds your ego. For a while, you’re feeling great. Yet this mentality and the focus on comparison always leads you to realize someone more than you have. That somebody got a better job or a nicer car than you.

  1. Always Compliment others and stop living life as a competition
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Take comfort in the success of others, honestly and practically. Be happy for them if someone gets something you want. They probably did, too, if you wanted it. Stop living life as just a competition.

5 Steps to overcome Envy

  1. Stop worrying and thinking about other people have and you don’t.
  2. Focus on being grateful for what you have. On your skills and talents.
  3. Write every day the blessings in your life
  4. Work on your low self esteem. Start building self esteem to recognize your self-worth and value.
  5. Engage in an alternative therapy : Emotional Freedom Techniques, or try the self-hypnosis download: Overcome envy


Envy is a negative emotion that creates more resentment and hate in your life. Start using envy as a gift instead , by acknowledging your envy you are able to recognize and be aware of your low self-worth.

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