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Most people feel anxiety at some point in life, like prior to appearing in an exam, job interviews, or conducting any public speaking sessions, etc. However, it is common that some people feel more anxious than others. This anxiety level difference can sometimes be caused by an underlying reason, and could probably turn into an anxiety disorder. Are you suffering from anxiety attacks? Do you want to relieve your anxiety problems naturally? Read on to know more about anxiety and be guided on natural treatment for anxiety.

Can you cure anxiety without medication? Yes, Anxiety can be treated without medication using alternative therapies such as hypnosis, biofeedback , deep breathing and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is defined as the body’s reaction to different fear and phobias. The person with anxiety always thinks that something worse will happen in the future, and the thoughts are not related to the present. However, anxiety can result from many factors, such as genetic, personality, and disturbing life events.

Furthermore, there are different anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorders, separation anxiety disorder, etc. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately 31% of all adults experience any anxiety disorder at some point in their life. They also revealed that generalized anxiety is more prevalent in women than men. Being anxious is part of life. It is alright to be anxious from time to time. However, if you feel anxious without any reason at all and it affects your daily life, you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder will occur if you keep on worrying about your health and your family, finances and career. It can also be a result of dealing too much on ordinary issues such as car repairs, chores to be accomplished, late for work and appointments and preparing meals for the family. You are suffering from an anxiety disorder if the frequency, intensity and duration are affecting your life. You no longer concentrate and perform your tasks and responsibilities.

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Symptoms of anxiety

There are different symptoms of anxiety that you will experience if you have anxiety disorders. These are nausea, sweating, clammy and cold hands, difficulty in swallowing, muscle tension, jumpiness, diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort. You may also experience irritability, easily get tired, always stressed and have difficulty in sleeping. Once your anxiety advances, you will start to avoid people or places to save yourself from being anxious.

How to Cope Up with Anxiety?

People often do such things which are sometimes against our wishes, and because of this, it becomes challenging for us to keep balance in our emotions. Eventually, we enter into a vicious cycle of emotional disorders like anxiety, stress, and so on. Gradually these disorders start to overpower our life.

However, anxiety disorder is one of the most dangerous emotional disorders related to the future’s fear. The person with anxiety disorder gets more upset, and it becomes difficult for them to keep their serenity and calm. So here are some tips for managing your anxiety:

Short term strategies for overcoming anxiety:

  • Question your thoughts. Ask yourself that the fear that made you anxious is real or not.
  • Try to do some breathing exercises.
  • Use aromatherapy, it helps in releasing anxiety by activating specific receptors in your brain.
  • Starts practicing yoga or go for a short walk.
  • You can write your thought so that it gets out of your mind and become less daunting.

 Long term strategies:

If anxiety becomes persistent, then you can follow these points to overcome anxiety:

  • First of all, identify your triggers for anxiety and try to manage them.
  • You can seek help from cognitive behavioral therapy CBT.
  • Try to modify your diet and use some supplements to overcome anxiety.
  • Consult your doctor for some medications or other therapies.
  • Keep your body and mind healthy.
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 Create emotional harmony:

Follow these steps for establishing emotional harmony:

  • Identify your emotions
  • Acknowledged and appreciate them
  • Get curious and find how they get created
  • Let your emotions come out when necessary
  • Try to convert negative ones into positive emotions.

Below is a guide of natural treatment for anxiety that you can follow.

  1. Valerian is a kind of herb that is usually used for insomnia. This type of herb is also implored to patients experiencing mild anxiety. This herb is usually consumed at least an hour before you go to sleep. Usually, Valerian will take effect about two to three weeks and must not be consumed over three months. Taking Valerian might cause side effects such as headache, indigestion, dizziness and palpitations. There are liquid and tea extracts available in the market. However, most people would prefer to take the capsule form because they do not like the smell of extracts.
  2. Passion flower is another herb that can help cure insomnia and anxiety. Its side effects are rapid heartbeat, vomiting, drowsiness and nausea. Remember that you should not take passion flower if you are taking sedatives unless a medical practitioner is closely monitoring your medications. If you do, it might lead to seizure disorders.
  3. Another natural treatment for anxiety that you can use is aroma therapy. Use essential oils during your bath, massage session or put a few drops in a diffuser. The common essential oil that can help you relax is lavender. Other oils that you can use are cypress, bergamot, geranium, melissa, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and sandalwood. Get More Information on Triple Complex Calm Tonic Tissue Salts
  4. The safest and practical natural treatment for anxiety is meditation. It will help balance your emotional, mental and physical well being. You can add as well physical exercises in your meditation. The best daily exercise program that you can implore is yoga exercises. It is an exercise that can help your negative moods transform into positive energy. You can do this at least 30 minutes each day. Through yoga exercises, you can get back mental clarity.
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Another option is using Emotional Freedom Techniques  

The negative feelings of anxiety and worry are all depended on our thoughts. For overcoming anxiety, you should develop strong faith in divine rules of wisdom, always believe that everything happens for a reason, get confident about yourself that you can deal with any situation in life,and the foremost part is self-love. You should always accept yourself as you are. By considering all these, you can snap out of the vicious cycle of anxiety.

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