10 Body Language Habits To Be More Confident

Body Language Habits To Be More Confident

Among the vital attributes that anyone can have is confidence. A strong belief in yourself and your ability makes conversation easy and achieving success more straightforward. Although confidence is a less apparent quality of humans, some observant individuals can easily recognize individuals with low confidence. An individual with little to no confidence will find it hard to speak among friends, undertake an interview, or give a speech in front of a small or large crowd.

Admittedly, several reasons can be responsible for low confidence. Chief among them are criticism, poor time-management, previous failures, low self-esteem, etc. As a result of low confidence, an affected person may lose multiple opportunities, experience limited progress, or frequently suffer a bad mood.

The good news is that anyone can boost their confidence through the use of body language. Using body postures, appearances, and mannerisms smartly can improve your confidence and keeps your head high. Perhaps, you feel lowly about yourself, or you would like to take your moderate confidence to a new height; the following body language will help you achieve your objectives. But before then, how well do you know increased confidence, or what do you stand to gain from feeling confident? Read further to find out!

What does increased confidence mean?

Increased confidence is an improved positive state of mind, feelings of well-being, and acceptance of body and mind. Once you start experiencing improved confidence, believing in your ability, skills, and experience will become a seamless action. At the same time, you’ll appreciate your own body. If a need to address an individual, take a conference, or answer a few questions arises, you’ll feel relaxed and calm. An individual with increased confidence lives with self-love, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. More so, you’ll find it easy to forgive yourself and face your challenges head-on. Hardly will anyone intimidate you or makes you feel awful because of your body or brain. Thus, increased confidence is a quality that everyone deserves to possess. So, How do you gain confidence in body language? Below are 10 ways  to increase your confidence through body language.

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10 Ways to Have More Confidence with Body Language

  1. An assertive posture

Here is an exciting yet effective method of using body language to exude confidence to your audience. An assertive posture entails standing confidently with your legs aligned with your shoulders. In this posture, endeavor to keep your feet four to six inches separately while you distribute your weight equally. In other words, you shouldn’t bend. Stand straight as you keep your shoulders back – but not too much.

While in a sitting position, maintain a straight back and your feet firmly on the ground. Ensure that your hands are not folded or your legs crossed. Otherwise, you’ll be projecting a submissive position. By standing straight and balanced, you’ll be exuding confidence to your listener. More so, it shows openness towards the person you are having a conversation with. Besides, a good sitting or standing posture helps open airways and promote proper breathing. All these will help keep a good confidence level.

  1. Be conscious of your face

Self-consciousness helps confidence. In this regard, an integral part of your face that deserves your awareness is the face. Understand the facial expression that you often keep when people are having a conversation with you. If you notice that your face appears stern and unapproachable, you should work on it. A severe facial expression harms many people’s careers and opportunities than they know. If this is your case, try to pay attention to your friend and co-workers’ comments while talking. Once they start giving you a nice compliment about your face and appearance, then you have a face to keep. Smiling helps relax the muscle and makes people welcome to approach you. So, you might start smiling genuinely more often.

  1. Do not shy; make eye contact. 
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Eye contact is a good element of social interaction. By making eye contact with your audience or listener, it shows your interest in the conversation. So, endeavor to make eye contact at least two-third of the conversation period. Sometimes, prolonged eye contact can be intimidating. In this case, you can focus your attention on a spot close to your audience’s eye. This effort makes you feel comfortable during a conversation and spurs your confidence level.

  1. Avoid fidgeting. 

Another way to boost your confidence with facial expression is to avoid fidgeting. This is when you clearly express signs of nervousness. As much as possible, endeavor to lower your anxiety and prevent fidgeting. When you express little to no doubt or fear, people will focus more on the message you are passing across. Improved avoidance of fidgeting will increase your confidence level with time.

  1. Stand close 

By leaning forward slightly during a conversation, it shows your attention and interest. If you are socially anxious, you’ll most likely maintain a distance during a conversation. Subconsciously, your audience will feel as if you are not interested in the talk. So, you should stay at a close distance. When you repeat such an act, you’ll grow in confidence

  1. Refrain from pocketing

While pocketing is a common style, you don’t need it if you want to exude confidence. Admittedly, putting your hands in your pockets can be tempting, especially during a moment of doubt, anxiousness, or worry. However, it only makes you feel less confident. Thus, you should bring out the two hands and use them when necessary. It doesn’t only improve your confidence but makes you look self-assured.

  1. Don’t rush your movement
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Slow down! There is no need to rush your motions. By running or walking quickly, you’ll look anxious. Besides, rushing skyrockets your adrenaline, which jeopardizes your calmness. Having to deal with anxiety and lack of calmness will only worsen your confidence. Contrarily, tranquility improves your self-assurance. Additionally, your hand gestures and walking strides tell people a lot about you. So, walk slowly and confidently.

  1. Take a long stride

Walking confidently differs from walking at a good pace. Most confident people take longer steps as they walk with authority. This makes them less anxious while they appear quite confident.

  1. Use power poses

These are postures that make you feel and appear assured. Power poses include open body positions that cover space and send a signal of confidence to your brain. In return, the brain will release more testosterone and reduce your cortisol level. The latter secretion is a stress hormone that can influence your confidence negatively, while higher testosterone will support your self-confidence

  1. Mimic your audience body language

When you mirror the body language of your audience, it helps build understanding and acceptance. While discussing, consider standing or sitting in the same manner. Also, you can copy their expressions, mannerism, or movements. However, learn to use this tip at the right time. Excessive use will make you look gullible. Instead, use it naturally or when it feels right with you.


Using body language is a tested and trusted method to improve confidence. It will interest you to know that we even do some of them subconsciously. If you feel less confident, and intentional use of the tips will help grow your confidence gradually. Remember not to rush it. With time, you’ll feel and appear highly confident with your body language.

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