Low self confidence

low self confidence

Low Self Confidence

Signs of low self-confidence | What causes low self-confidence | How to overcome low self-confidence | Conclusion

Sometimes you may feel low self-confidence at work as well as in your relationships with loved ones, coworkers, and friends. You may even experience low confidence when it comes to your body. No matter what the situation is those feelings happen.

Signs of low self-confidence

  1. Fear of others opinion. There is a significant number of people that worry about what others think. It doesn’t matter what others think of you; it is just their opinion. Not everyone will see you in the same way. I had to learn that others opinions about me are just an opinion. Do you worry too much about this issue?. If so, Care less what others think mightbe the right tool for you.
  2. Fear of new situations. Your confidence can suffer if you always stay in your comfort zone, as you will fear the unknown. Take baby steps and expand that zone and soon you will find that you are doing more and become more confident .
  3. Dismissing compliments. You might find that you do not acknowledge compliments or you politely turn them away. I used to dismiss compliments a lot because I thought that in doing so I was being humble. Until I realized that being humble should not translate into depreciation of oneself.
  4. Negativism and pessimism. Always focusing on what you did wrong. Everyone likes and need to hear that they are doing a good job from time to time and if that goes without notice you may be feeling anxiety about going to work feeling unappreciated as if nothing you do is right.
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What causes low self confidence

  1. If you do not have the skills that are essential in completing a task you may feel that you should know how to do the job even if you weren’t trained properly.
  1. If you have had failures in the past that you have not worked though, it can hold you up with present issues that can lead to low self confidence. I have found that once I resolved past issues and I was willing to let go of the wounds , trying new things become easier for me.
  1. Your parents can play a huge factor as well. If you had parents who withheld praise and affection from you, you might feel low self confidence. I was raised with perfectionist parents and what I heard all the time were critics. Therefore, I hardly ever heard a praise or encouragement.


How to overcome low self confidence

  1. You want to think positive about yourself and the things that you do. You need to build up a positive attitude slowly so that this will become second nature to you. Try Stop Negative Thinking it will teach you a model for assessing the effects of your thoughts and changing them, plus it helps you on an unconscious level by showing you how to let negative thoughts drift by without taking any notice.
  2. Speak up for yourself. If you are having difficulties with assertiveness, you can try an assertiveness training , read assertiveness books to develop confidence.
  3. Building the necessary skills you need such as assertiveness and a positive outlook as well. I have felt many times insecure when doing a task because I wasn’t’ sure if what I was doing was right. However, I have learned that in order to feel confident I have to master what I do.
  4. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. This can help to clear your mind of negative thoughts. For me exercising is one of the best tools for overcoming low confidence . After I exercise I feel really well and confident and what is most important is that my posture changes. If you have difficulties with this issue download now Exercise More often you’ll find yourself motivated to exercise to make it a habit
  5. Set some goals for yourself. Make a list of what you want and go after each goal one at a time and as you accomplish them take pride. Learn how to reach your goals and stick to them once you’ve decided, you will become confident..
  6. Be proud of what you accomplish and do not compare your accomplishments with those of others.Try Building self confidence now instead of nerves making you stumble over your words, or perform below par, you’ll do yourself justice wherever you find yourself.All you need to do is pop on your headphones at your computer, or plug into your CD or mp3 player. A self confidence building hypnosis session that will dramatically increase your faith in your own abilities and improve your performance.
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Most people feel low self confidence at one time or another, but if this is how you look at yourself all the time it can be harmful. With some help and guidance, you can be well on your way to breakout the low self confidence trap. Confidence can be learned.

Giovanni R

Cheers everyone! Got to say, these are great tips. Especially smiling and speaking slowly. It empowers you! It’s just amazing how much self-confidence can span every single aspect of a person’s life. I’ve recently over come a fear of being out with people in large groups. I usually prefer small gatherings with people who already know me. But after focusing on my self and just going out more, for goodness sake, I’ve really put myself together and conquered myself.I wish everyone else good luck on their own journeys. Here’s a tip, just to be random. Take it as you will: have yourself a mentor. It’s the difference between mastering a craft, and giving up time and time again…

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