The Motivation To Be A Successful Person

Successful Person

Life is full of potholes at times, but that should not discourage us in the conquest of new goals and always with our eyes towards being successful  people, that can face all the remains that are currently in personal or labor matters. There are a lot of stimuli and situations that could occur, the difference is being able to do something to move forward, to be assertive with everyone around, being able to be part of a positive change in society, but also in all those who are very close to our life.

Beyond a satisfactory ending to our projects, it is having the ability to enjoy the process and make more lives be impacted with each triumph. It should also be emphasized that having more doctorates or university degrees can be a help in your climb to success, but this does not determine your human quality or the mark you leave on the road. It is about having what we want in our professional part, such as a degree or new venture, but also feeling fulfilled in the personal sphere: A family full of happiness, where everyone is happy.

What is a successful person?

Doesn´t matter the age, a successful  person can be so from their first years of life and this is determined more by an attitude than a social or economic position, it is generating satisfaction with each step in our personal evolution, it is showing us that there is no obstacle that can stop what is desired. We could say that everyone gives a personal interpretation to success: One of the most common is the positive outcome of a situation, ending with a feeling of peace and well-being after a goal achieved, having a peaceful conscience.

The effort, any sacrifice you make to be there, the hours of sleeplessness, reading and practices can mean, for example, graduation in the career that you always wanted to develop, in turn this will allow you to have a positive change in all your life. environment, in those who are present for you. Only capable of achieving whatever we set out to do, that’s why we came to this world, to leave it better than it already was. We just have to take a different path from the one indicated, do everything out of passion and because we feel that we can generate positivism in every aspect.

The characteristics of a successful person

  • The first thing successful people do is planning based on a goal, a purpose, although during the previous work you must modify it to be able to culminate with good results. Working with your goal very clearly makes you know what decisions to make, you will enjoy the day to day.
  • The work begins with yourself, you have to believe in what you are going to do and in your abilities so that others also do it at all times. Your confidence determines that others believe and trust you in your personal endeavors but also in personal matters.
  • Having initiative is extremely important, it is a quality of the successful people, where they seek to do things on their own. If they want to make money, they start a business. If they want to teach, they seek their audience. They help those who can grow, to always generate changes in the most positive way possible.
  • They can put together their entire life project before carrying it out, they have the ability to imagine what they are going to do. They believe in their mind absolutely everything, they can even mentalize the details of what they can do, this works for them to do everything with more agility.
  • Successful people are quick to act, they do not expect their employees or relatives to do things, they prefer to do it well and with their hand. They prefer not to sleep to be with late tasks, order is a duty in their daily life, that is why it is so important to have trained people around them.
  • Enthusiasm is an important characteristic in these people, because despite the fact that the circumstances are full of obstacles, they look for tools to continue forward. They take care of looking for the positive in negative events, instead of worrying about how bad they may be having.
  • They are excellent at self-control, they can take charge of their emotions before they harm their actions. If they are upset or hurt, they understand that with this feeling they could not do anything and in the end the result of their work will deteriorate, so they try to do something to feel better.
  • They understand that not everything in life is competing with other people, sometimes you have to do it with yourself. When they reach the end of the project, apart from feeling satisfied they can do whatever is asked of them so that their affections also achieve what they seek in their lives.
  • They understand the importance of maintaining good interpersonal relationships, they try to make friends wherever they go and show all their charisma. This later may mean that they will receive help from these acquaintances in any predicament, always valuing solidarity in strong moments, seeing friendship as a motivation.
  • One very interesting thing about these people is that they do not trust what they read or say to them, they prefer facts and demonstrations. They have realized that their actions are going to have an impact on those who work with them and even on the family, so they are careful in how they transmit things.
  • Sometimes it hurts to admit it, but many of the stimuli we receive every day are irrelevant, that’s why successful people can focus their skills on the things that will have a positive outcome for their goal, forgetting about the distractions that will always be around.
  • Failure is human, it might happen a few times before reaching the top. Success is in that, in not letting yourself be defeated by the bad times you have experienced during the ascent, continuing despite everything telling you no until the moment you say “I did it”.
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Self-esteem in successful people

In colloquial words, self-esteem is the opinion we have about ourselves, including the assessments of skills that we possess, but it is a very important part of the different personal and business successes. It is practically a necessity to know that we are doing things well, to motivate ourselves in the days that are hard and also to know that we can with whatever happens, all this positivism we can give ourselves by believing in what we do unconditionally, seeking change our life positively, and then change that of others.

Not only do we give ourselves the necessary motivation by having good self-esteem, but successful people They will also take advantage of it to not take failures as the end of the journey, but to know that they gave their best to be better human beings and progress. It is impressive how understanding yourself as a person influences, noticing that you have virtues but also a few defects but that they should not overshadow what you do know how to do, internalizing as a premise that we are not perfect and that each fall is a way of learning to get up, even if you feel that everything hits very hard.

Type 3 enneagram

Enneagrams are maps of human behavior, where the personality and basic skills that human beings can have are defined, facilitating the understanding of the various personalities that we can find in our environment, to learn to work with them without causing problems. In type 3 we can get people capable of achieving success but who need the validation of others to achieve goals, for them the greatest job of all is to earn the admiration of the people with whom they share, who see their desire to have a life successful.

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They have certain characteristics within the group of successful people, With which you can not only identify them, but also spend a little time getting to know what a job is like with them, analyzing the weaknesses from a certain perspective to try to deal with them. We can highlight the following within their way of acting:

  • They have idealized their image of themselves. They see themselves as always capable, they tell all their stories from a single perspective where they look as perfect as possible, not only seeking glory, but doing it in a way where there are no obstacles or things that make them look bad.
  • They do not pay attention to whether they are leading people in their quest for success, they are simply trying to carry out their tasks. They think that they must be efficient before everything that surrounds us, but without taking into account the human content that is behind each step that is taken.
  • It is true that it is among the successful people, but because they do all their homework almost compulsively. They do not see that their achievements are due to their way of being, they see success as a strategy to function, to fulfill and thus go up in an economic or social position.
  • The more control they have over what they do and how they do it, the better they feel, so they can monitor the results. The challenges that arise are for them something that must end with positive results, they do not have that ability to analyze their failures or look for something positive among what happens.
  • They always try to be impeccable in what they are going to do, it is as if they were wearing a mask before the world. Other people see them as Barbie and Kent, they do not talk about their defects but show a life full of sacrifices but also with satisfactions, they boast widely of them.
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Self-confidence in successful people

In a person who is looking for success there is a quality that cannot be lacking: trusting in their skills and abilities, having faith in the decisions that you are going to make, so little by little you have to develop this capacity. It is also an excellent motivation, knowing that there will be failures within your projects, but that does not mean that you have to stop trying for as long as necessary until you are at the top, in that place for which you made endless sacrifices, but it takes a lot. I work to recognize everything we do.

Successful people They use this confidence to notice if there are born leaders around them, even if they have the possibility to train others, looking for them to be. They try to get everyone in their immediate environment to exploit their strengths quickly, share the good things in life, and can give a generous taste of who they are. In most cases, instinct has an important part in decisions, that is why these people have allies and positive results within their endeavors, because they know how to listen to their mind before the heart or what they would like to change.

How to deal with weaknesses in a successful person?

The first thing to observe within yourself when you want to be among the successful people It is precisely the ability you have to control your emotions and actions, including weaknesses, the things that you do not like about yourself but in the same way you must accept. There are those who see the glass as half empty in their life and therefore think others before making a final decision, this could be a weakness but also a strength, because you see what is wrong within your goals, trying to correct before acting.

That is precisely what it is about, that we can make negative aspects (or that our environment sees as negative) something positive by acting in daily life, because to achieve something successfully you have to fall a few times, seeing how important it is. It is not getting depressed by the events. We must put aside everything that remains to us as people, concentrating all the energies in being able to grow, in trusting with closed eyes about the positions we take and in leaning on those who love us to see everything with the most sincere look possible. .

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