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10 Steps to Solid Self Esteem

The complete program includes:

Self Esteem Booster
Feel Attractive
Put Yourself First
Stop Blaming Yourself
Stop Seeking Approval
Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
Overcoming Insecurity
Find Your Identity
Overcome an Inferiority Complex
Self Acceptance and the 10 Steps to Solid Self Esteem e-book
Price: $147.00 – Save: $17.45
Download 10 Steps to Solid Self Esteem

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More Downloads

  • Building your Esteem learn to value your abilities and recognize your worth.
  • Self acceptance . Seeing yourself re is the essential beginning to becoming who you want to be. Real self acceptance gives you a solid foundation and your confidence will increase naturally.
  • Lack confidence? Overcome Your Insecurities Become more secure when socializing,w hen interacting with other people and when you have to lear new skills. If you feel insecure because you get anxious this is the right tool.
  • Overcome shyness. Overcome shyness now Feel more relax and in control when socializing. Shyness can be eliminated easily when you manage the negative emotions that are producing this feelings and you start to respond different. Overcome shyness now!.
  • Assertiveness training download Once are able to say what’s on your mind clearly and calmly, many positive changes result:People give you more respect and consider you capable of more responsibility
    ,y ou are treated with more respect within relationships.
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Self Confidence Gift Basket

Self Confidence CD
Positive Energy 4-candle gift set
Gift Box
Price: $45.00

Self-esteem Solar Plexus Chakra Jewelry Set

Will power. Assertion. Trust.
This Jewelry Set includes:
A pair of citrine gemstone chakra earrings
Solar plexus chakra necklace
Solar plexus chakra anklet
Yellow silk chakra zip purse
A solar plexus chakra good wishes card.
Makes a perfect gift!

Price: $83.00

Sometimes we are looking for the perfect gift for the perfect person. A gift that is unique and meaningful. If you are looking for something that will inspire confidence and self-esteem take a time to check this list.

Give Motivation

Bob Siemon Sterling Silver Faith, Hope, and Love Pendant Necklace, 18″

Coffee Gift Basket – Follow your heart

The basket includes: 1 15 oz mug, 4 soft coasters.5 – 2 oz bags of gourmet coffee French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate, and Italian Roast Espresso and 1 Biscotti cookie.

Embrace Change Seasons Framed Desktop Print

Attitude Power Rock Paperweight


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