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Hope can be used either as a noun or as a verb, and there are hundreds of different ways that it can be used. But one this is for certain, and that is that hope is something that can and always will overcome any other kind of bad feeling or emotion that may take over a person. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines hope in two ways. As a noun, it is defined as desire that is accompanied by the expectation of or belief of fulfillment. As a verb, it is defined as cherishing a desire with a certain level of anticipation. [1] Many different philosophers have spoken of hope, and there are many differing views about it. One that stands out the most is the one from Gabriel Marcel.

Marcel’s main objective when speaking of hope was defining how it was different from optimism, simply because the two are always being interchanged with one another. In his writings and further studies, Marcel defines hope as far more superior than the blind, feel-good effect that optimism has on people. Hope is based on something much more solid, something that will drive a person to the very edge before he gives up, if he does at all.

Frustration can lead to the loss of hope, but there are many ways to overcome this. When a person tries something multiple times, frustration settles in, which makes a person angry and leads them to forgetting hope. The thought that nothing will ever change will take over, and that person will give in to the frustration. They will lose hope, as the saying goes.

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The best way not to let this happen to you is to remember to always have something to hold on to. For some people it is religion, for some people it is their families, and for others it is as simple as the love of self and the want for self preservation. One hopes in order to survive, because without hope, there is almost no point in living.


The world can become a quite frustrating place, and unfortunately, humans are affected by these frustrations. It could be the economy, or it could be personal failures or relationships going down the drain. The best way to be able to keep on living with a smile on your face and a song in your heart is to keep on holding onto something that you know will give you hope, and remember that sooner, things will turn out for the better.

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