Reasons Why People Feel Astonished

Human mind is the secret chamber of various kinds of emotions. Some of the emotions come out when we are happy and some emotions come out when we feel sad. Apart from these, we react differently to different situations.

For example, we get angry to an unpleasant experience. We feel being loved when someone shows care or affection. We feel annoyed as well as overjoyed. Similar to these feeling, people also get astonished. Now, being astonished is a different kind of feeling or mental condition altogether. This is such a feel which we do not experience daily.

So, what it means when we get astonished? How can this feeling be defined or described? In short and simple language, we get astonished when we become unusually surprised by some events or materials or facts. For example, if you are living in cities since childhood, a night spent with full of stars in the sky at desert may leave you astonished. So, being astonished express a mental condition when a person is surprised to a high magnitude. A sudden gift from someone unknown on a special occasion can be astonishing as well.

Reasons for Being Astonished

People get astonished due to many reasons. Circumstances also play a major role in creating such feeling. A person can get astonished in both positive and negative ways. It actually depends on the event. For example, unexpected sad news can leave someone astonished. On the other hand, a good incident can leave people completely astonished. It can also be a mixed emotion when you do not know whether to be sad or happy. Here are some of the reasons behind getting astonished.

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1. A Massive Surprise


Massive surprise is always astonishing. You may be surprised by many things or events or materials. For example, you have got an unexpected and unanticipated promotion as well as salary hike at workplace. Does not it sound astonishing?

2. Unexpected Gift from Someone Special

On a special occasion, we expect some gifts and pampering from someone special. A pleasant gift brings in surprise and happiness. But, magnitude of surprise and happiness increases when the gift is unexpectedly special.

3. Experiencing Something for the First Time

The feeling of being astonished gets manifested when we experience something special for the first time. For example, you are watching snow clad mountains for the first time or you are observing wild animals around you in a jungle safari.

4. Sad and Unexpected News

Being astonished can be a negative feeling when we come across some sad news. For example, sudden death of a relative or person whom you admire can leave you complete astonished. Many other types of sad news can be astonishing.

5. Unusual Facts

You may get astonished when you come across some unusual facts that have been stated in a book or somewhere else. It happens when you exactly knew the opposite thing to be normal.


Being astonished is a common feeling for human beings. It does not have negative impact over human body. It is natural and the feeling lasts only a few minutes.


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