What Is Trust?

Trust is important when it comes to friendships and relationships; without it then everything else will be more difficult. The dictionary defines trust as being confident that somebody can be relied on and that there is integrity.  What trust really means? It leads to hope and the ability to believe in another person. It is usual to find that trust grows as people get to know others properly; it is not just there from the beginning. However, it is a lot quicker to lose the trust in someone and that can destroy a relationship completely.

No trust can also be damaging in a workplace, respect can be lost as well as not knowing if work will be completed by the deadline.

Maintain trust can be fairly easy through the use of simple tasks. In a relationship there will should always be trust until it is made known that someone has been lying but in a work place it could mean that tasks always have to be given to out make sure that people can still carry out those tasks.

Sometimes being trustworthy can have its downsides. People rely on those that they trust to be able to tell them the truth, no matter what. This can mean when it comes to how the new dress looks or it could be what their new partner is like. Saying something that you know will hurt someone is difficult and can sound mean but it is worth it when it will help them in the long run.

While trust can be built over time, it is not something that can be learned. Trust is all about character and how somebody’s personality is. It is a fundamental part of somebody; they either have that quality or they do not. Personalities can be changed but it can take a lot of thinking and help to be able to become a trustworthy person. Change happens regularly in relationships, especially as somebody realizes that the relationship could become more serious; people become more honest and start thinking of what their partner as well as themselves.

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There are exercises that can be carried out to find out if a work place or team is trustworthy. There are a number of trust building exercises that are designed in the way of team-building exercises. They are perfect for team organization and trust building, especially when relying on a team is imperative for the job people are doing.


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